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OVERVIEW: Assembly Instructions

Lost Instructions for cage assemblyDog ate your assembly instructions? They didn't quite make it through the washing machine cycle? Acquired a cage from a friend? Just want a fresh set? ...or maybe you just want to see how easily our wonderful enclosures go together...? Don't despair - find your instructions below.

Not sure of your model number? Feel free to call us at anytime!


2-Level Cages 3-Level Cages Collapsible Travel
& Show Cages
Dog Dens &
Cage Banks
Single Units Stackable Units Walk-in
s505 s553 s401 A805 s550 s301 s301A+B w515
s510 s553T s600 A810 s551 s302 s302A+B w520
s515F s554 s601 A820 s555 s303 s303A+B w540
s520F s554w s601P A830 s555T s401 w543
s540F s555 s602 A840 s559 s402 w545
s543F s555T A850 s501A w566
s550 s559 A860 s501B w585
s551 A870 s515 w586
A880 s520
A890 s540