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OVERVIEW: Cleaning Suggestions

This page will change from time to time as we get continued feedback from our customers. It is meant to assist the average pet owner or those who may be new to breeding as to what is used by professional breeders, animal control centers, or other groups and individuals to disinfect and clean. We do not necessarily endorse any of these products or get any type of gain from promoting them -- we only pass on to you what our customers have found works. If you have a different opinion or experience, please let us know and we will add your comments to our site.




Regarding Disinfectants
Many centers use diluted bleach (about 2-3 parts Clorox to 100 parts water). After cleaning the pens with bleach, rinse with water and dry with old towels. Drying is often done by air.

Another multipurpose cleaner that has been recommended is Novasan followed by a thorough rinse with water.


Steam cleaners are often an even better method and the heat will kill as much as the bleach. We would welcome the name and model numbers of steam cleaners that work well for those of you who use them to be published here


A-33 Dry
A 1-step disinfectant, cleaner, fungicide, mildewstat, viucide, odor counteractant in a premeasured 1/2oz packet to clean floors, wall & other hard surfaces. Has a 14-day residual. Low foaming, phosphate-free.

Kills Parainfluenza, Canine distemper & Parvovirus, Feline Pneumonitis, Rhinotraceitis, & Microsporum canis. Effective against a broad spectrum of gram positive & gram negative bacteria, such as: staph, E. coli, Strep, Campylobacter fetus, & more.

Used in hospitals, veterinary clinics, & food processing facilities. It's non-corrosiveness works well with our enclosures. Available from Revival Animal Health.