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OVERVIEW: Cages w/ Options, Modifications, or Custom Designs

Don’t be afraid of the word “custom”!  For CD&E, custom simply means that you get exactly what you want!  Custom can be as simple as modifying a single dimension of a standard model or as complex as outfitting an entire facility with a ‘build to suit’ project.  If you don’t see the size or configuration that you have in mind, just ask ~ chances are, we even have the design on file!

If you can think it, we can make it!

Since we manufacture all enclosures onsite, custom doesn’t necessarily mean extra production time to get what you want.  Whether it's our standard models or custom, CD&E builds each customer's cages as they are ordered.  You don’t sacrifice time to get the perfect cage.

Custom also doesn’t have to mean an exorbitant cost.  Modifications to standard designs start with the price of the standard model, then the price is simply adjusted according to a materials and labor formula for the cost of the modifications.

CUSTOM cages and enclosures can be categorized into 3 types:


Standard models with options that affect the construction of the cage.

Examples:  Solid or partial solid panels;  Extra doors;  Access holes.



Includes any change in design that starts with a standard model as its base.  This can include proportional changes to any of the dimensions, or adjustments to the design structure.

Examples:  Making a standard model taller or deeper;  Adding or deleting a level.



If what you have in mind isn't available in any standard model, just describe it to us!  Our Design Wizard can sketch the design, and provide a quote using a standard formula for materials and labor.


You tell us what you want, and that’s what we build!

If you have something special in mind, don’t settle for making a standard cage do!  CD&E specializes in building the cages and enclosures you need.  Custom quotes are available at no charge.  If you don’t see what you need, just ask!

Your needs are unique – your enclosure solution can be too!

What can we build for you?!


NOTE: All custom orders are quoted on an individual basis. Once a custom design is approved, payment must be made before construction begins. There is NO return on custom orders.

Solid Panels Translucent Plexiglas Partial Solid Panels Litter Guards Litter Guards Mixed Solid Options Mixed Solid Options Mixed Solid Options Queen Introduction Cage Dual Doors Dual Doors Extra Doors Dutch Doors Access Holes Removable Panels Extra Wire Clips Delete a Level Add a Level Increase Level Height Decrease Cage Height Decrease Cage Height and Width Increase Cage Height and Width Decrease Cage Width Decrease Cage Depth Increase Cage Height and Depth Increase Cage Height, Depth, and Delete Floor Increase all 3 dimensions of cage Decrease all 3 Dimensions of Cage >Increase Height and Door Width Add Cage Door and Divider Move Cage Door, Add Access Doors Move Cage Door, Add Floor, Add Access Door