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Our Customers Speak...!





Thank you!


[The cage bank] arrived today and so did my customer with her cat a day early. We had just enough time to get it set up before she arrived. She loved it and so do we. :-)


Thank you so much for making this happen for us. I will be ordering the stand soon. You guys are wonderful. :-)

Thank you!

Stefanie | Tender Touch Pet Care 
Watertown, WI |


We and the Kitties are loving our new cage!  Thanks for your help.

Carol Reidel

Animal Hospital of Monticello

Monticello, IL  |




Good Morning,
...I want to say thanks so much for all you guys have done and continue to do for us. You are always a joy to work with.


Thanks again,

Ginny Dawson | County of Tazewell, Virginia
Emergency Management/Animal Shelter/Property Maintenance/Parks & Recreation




My boxes came and it was like Santa brought me presents on a big sled.  I am now getting in order to start building.  Thank everyone that was involved in making them, to packaging them and shipping them to me. 

Thank you again!!!
Wendy Butler - Livonia MI


I help through the entire process with every Girl, so birthing watch and the birthing nights are long and rough on us. My big CD&E three suite cage is a great cage to hold kitties prior to and post surgical, keeping a sick kitty in, introducing a new kitty, etc. Cages are very useful! But my 3 suite cage is not comfortable when I help to birth kittens. Only the middle section is used often and I am very uncomfortable sitting in front of the middle suite for hours on a short stool, with no-where for my knees to go. The top suite can hold older babies and mums and the bottom suite has never been used. And for me, with arthritis, it is hard to get into all the inside corners to clean. So after many years, I designed this new cage with Christal and her Family. The cage comes in two parts, the top cage and the bottom wheeled Tray. The top cage has solid walls for easy cleaning, to prevent drafts, and give privacy. I always apply aquarium silicone to all the cracks when I get my new CD&E cage. I also am putting a solid piece of plexiglass on the top of the cage to let light in, but keep stuff from falling in the cage.

My idea is to lift the top cage off the bottom wheeled Tray and put the top cage on a table. That way I can bring up a comphy chair right under the table and cage. And the double doors will allow me get into the cage to help with birthing. I also can pull the table next to my bed and see right into the cage through-out the night when I am on birthing watch. Once all the babies are out, the mum can bond in the cage on the table. But soon, I would move her and her babies down to the wheeled tray and put the cage top on. Once the babies are moving well, I can open the doors and put a ramp down and let them go back and forth. I am so hoping this works well!

Aurora, Luxuria Tonkinese, Maine


Dear Christal,
My son, Evan Fernandez, Boy Scout Troop 253, and P.A.W.S., (Puerto Rico Animal Welfare Society), would like to thank you for your support and guidance!

The cage assembly went smoothly and fit perfectly inside and outside. It will be a great benefit to P.A.W.S., aiding with adoptions, education, and visibility.

Thank you!!!

Sincerely, Stacy Fernandez
Scout Master Troop 253 Ramey,
Puerto Rico



In October 2015, the Rhode Island state vet implemented new cage size minimums for animal shelters and other animal care facilities. This meant completely scrapping every cage in the kitten room at the Scituate Animal Shelter, a small, rural municipal shelter in western Rhode Island. All of the existing cages were deemed too small for nursing mothers and their litters, or for pairs of litter mates to share.

We were a bit stymied by the new sizes and the space we had available, finding it a little difficult to work out the square footage for both, in conjunction with available cages on the market. We figured, well, why not just email one of them? Christal at CD&E responded immediately, telling us, "You just send me the state vet's requirements and your available space, and we'll do the math." She referred us to the units that most closely matched our needs, and customized the cage depths at no extra charge.

We ordered the cages in February and assembled them in March. Just in the nick of time -- our shelter enjoyed only two "kitten free" months this winter, a rarity, no doubt thanks to the mild temperatures. We currently have three nursing litters, 12 kittens total, with another pregnant cat in our care. We're happy we can provide them a much larger area to nurse, sleep and play. When we realize our dream of providing a larger area for the kitten housing, more such cages will be in order.

Thank you so much for all your help, Christal. We hope that before long, we will be ordering more -- because when we do order more, that means our kittens will actually be moving to a new room, our biggest project ahead!

The Volunteer Initiative for the Scituate Animal Shelter | Facebook


Hi Christal


Yes been a while since we talked. Things are well with the Toygers. Hope all is well with you. The reason I am contacting you now is my fiancé who breeds Savannahs loves my CD&E cages and she would like to get one or two. We will be at a show this weekend and thought maybe we could call in an order. She wants exactly what I have the four queen unit with stand and with the coated wire. 



... and the finished Cage Bank with Savannahs:




"Oh my gosh, I love it!  It's exactly what I needed.  I love how you attach the wire so it's safe. Thank you!"

Michael Harris | St. James, NY




Thanks Christal –


The cages are a big hit – everyone is so impressed with how organized we are and how clean the shelter is – the cats get to spend a lot of time in a large glass walled play room off the lobby so they are truly entertaining to all the people who stop in to see our shelter.  They just spend the night in the cages.  Thanks for your help.

Linda A.
Pet Adoptions of Cuero
Cuero TX


The cages we got from you so long ago have held up so well all these years. They're so easy to clean and care for. Just terrific! Now we need another one for our offsite adoptions at PetSmart ...

Jan Rich | For The Love of Cats - The No-Kill Rescue on Marco Island | Facebook


Hiiiii! I finally put the cage together :) 


I did not expect for the installation to go so smoothy, instructions provided were very good. 


I am loving the cage!!! Looks beautiful and spacious. I will send you a picture once I get my little dude set up in there...I am waiting on some final items to arrive for his cage (getting everything new - getting rid of the rust!) to get it all cozy and habitable for him.  


Stay tuned! 

Best Regards,

Anna Poliakova | Surfside, FL


Kvell Birman Cage

GRASP is so thankful for our CD&E cage! It is in a local pet store and houses a cat or kitten for public showings. We have seen a jump in adoption rates since switching to this cage. The cats are much more comfortable and are enjoying their space. Thank you for making such a great product!

Denyse Clark / Fundraising Chairman
GRASP [Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets]
Rochester, NY |


Love my cat condos...thank you.

Lynn Helke | Lil-Darlynn Napoleons


Kvell Birman Cage


We just received the delivery -- thanks so much for the great customer service!! Cannot wait to get it set up and move our boy into his new digs :-)

Shelly Ducharme and Frank O'Connor | Auburn, AL
Xocol Havana Browns



The cage is very nice. A quality product.

This is Blaze (and Blue). {Picture Below}

I thought your instruction sheet very good. I appreciated the identification stickers on the panels too.

I used a small piece of tape to hold the bolts in place when putting top onto sides while I got it positioned. I really didn't have any trouble and I worked alone today.

Blue butted the wire and was worried but Mr. Blaze settled down and I think he enjoyed being outside again. He watched me cut up all the packing boxes and work in yard so I think he is going to like his own special cage. I am trying to think what I can put inside it to help him be more comfortable.

I think the cage is high quality and I appreciate all your help with my purchase.

Rgds, Michael Maloch | Houston TX




Christal, Please, tell the shop that I am impressed with their ability to beat the estimated ship date by a full week. Tell them to have cup of coffee on me in the break room. I will send a pic later. It looks so nice! Thanks for your help .

Michael Maloch | Houston TX



Hi !
Yes, it was easy to assemble even by myself
I love it!  Might be another one in the near future because it's so convenient.

Thanks so much!
Michelle Varnavoe | Roanoke, VA



Thank you for the cages, they look great.


Thank you again. I'll call you for more in a month or two.

Raquelin Blake | Beavercreek, OH
Coco Channel Cattery


Good afternoon Christal,

Just want to send an email and let you know how happy we are here at Kountry Kennels with the kitty condo we ordered. They're perfect for what we wanted.

The delivery time was perfect also.
Again thanks they're great!

Larry & Terry McGarry
Kountry Kennels


Love these cages. I've used them for appx 15 yrs. They look as good as new after all these years. I've told my friends that this cage is the best investment I've ever made.

Cheryl Costello | Grants Pass, OR
Glenwood Pet Awnings |



Hi Christal,
You helped me with my cage order last fall for my personal foster space, and I absolutely love it. It's a life saver with all of the fosters I pass through here!

Thanks so much!

Denyse Clark =^..^=

GRASP - Fundraising Coordinator/
Core Cat Team |



We installed the crate today - it is absolutely perfect.

The color even matches our laundry/dog room countertop.


Thanks so much!

Andrew Roberts | Spotsylvania, VA


Christal, We LOVE our new cages!

It was so easy to put together and looks sharp, compared to our old cages. The plug for the ramp opening is brilliant! The rabbits are so happy to have some extra space in a fresh cage- no urine smells from the previous 100 rabbits who inhabited the cage. No matter how well you clean wood, the smell always remains.

We will be starting our fundraising campaign soon for the other cage banks. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and courteous customer service. Bunnyspeed!

Toni V. Greetis, Vice President
Red Door Animal Shelter | Chicago, IL



Hi Christal,

I've fostered so many cats and kittens for NCAL over the years that I've finally decided to invest in one of your condos.  We still have the one we ordered from you many, many years ago and it's held up great!  We use it all the time! … 

Thank you!
Sallie Scott | Executive Director
North Country Animal League | Morrisville, VT


The cage arrived perfectly and just in time. It looks great!

Thank you all for busting your butts to get it to me in time!


Michele Hoffman

Milo's Sanctuary




Dearest Christal,
I can not thank you and your team enough for getting Samadhi's cage to us in such a timely manner!!!  It is so sturdy and nice and it was a breeze to assemble and we had it done in no time. She is absolutely delighted and for an old girl seems much more lively now with some room to play in.  YES! there is evidence she played with mouseys and she has been stretching languidly all over it!  She happily and safely rules over the "annoying" two boys (Mr. Wiggles and Pretzel) from inside her tower palace now and has no trouble getting up and down the levels at all.  We are SO delighted and relieved.  We hope a bit more mobility will help with her leg issues too. Last night as she explored it (after a brief period of being seriously pissed off by change lol) we were nearly in tears.  You have made such a difference in her/our life(lives).  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
To anyone pondering the value vs. the price - it is without reproach a good decision!  We had a much cheaper cage and while it sufficed short term, she had real problems in it long term.  We are donating it to a no kill shelter and will do the same with this one when we are done with it.  When we realized we could help other animals in the long term with the purchase, the decision was easy.
The Rann Family
Elizabeth, Jeremy, Samadhi, Mr. Wiggles and Pretzel


Hi. We already purchased four 6-unit cages and one 3-unit cage and love them. We have also received positive reactions from our visitors as your cages line our lobby as well as our cat room at our shelter.

Thank you!

Suzyn Barron Warwick Valley Humane Society | Warwick, NY


We're just your biggest fans. We'd be happy to talk to anyone who wants to know about your cages, or "How did you do this?"
Happy to share information!

Bobbi Meyer | CatNap From the Heart
LaGrange Park, IL |




The cages are beautiful!  Thank you for all your help with the ordering process.


Lisa Gipe | Española Valley Humane Society

Española, NM 87532



Dear Christal, Jim and the CD&E team:


Thank you all for being such a wonderful company to do business with! We are grateful for your patience and perseverance designing the mounted cages (for the monkey college) and the recipients' cages! We hope you have a relaxing holiday season!


Jen, Megan and Helping Hands' staff Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled


Thank you for sharing our Kitty Harbor 'Home for the Holiday' call for fosterers. You can see one of your great enclosures behind the kitten in the photos. I'm happy to report that enough kind foster families showed up Sunday that your enclosures are now all empty. The cages will get a good sanitizing wash - super easy with your smooth white surfaces. Thanks, too, for making them so easy to open, close and latch while a person is holding a kitty and a litter scooper and probably food and water. Easy two-fingered latching is appreciated!

Kitty Harbor | Seattle WA


Hi Christal ~

We just love the 4' living quality cat condo! Wanted to send a pic of gramsie's feral kitties all settled in! Thank you for tailoring it to our needs. The access hole and ramp works great for the crippled kitty, the double doors are great for us, and we all just couldn't be happier!

Here are Lil' Bit and George all settled into their new home :)

and here they are waiting in our bathroom...  We are all happier now they have their own quarters! Thanks again for everything!!! 

Julie in Portland :)



The cage was sooooo easy to put together!!! everything fit perfectly and it wheels down my hall ways and into every room and fits perfectly next to the bed…

I just love it!!!!

T hanks so much for your help making this happen!!!

Elizabeth Snead | Largo, FL


~ Hi Christal,

I just can't tell you how excited I am about this living quality enclosure for the cats we're taking in. Its 4 ft wide spaciousness should be perfect. We were looking for something that will accommodate a feeding area separate from the litter pan area and also accommodate bedding and all their other cat toys & gadgets so they will have a happy home to enjoy. So much detail, it is amazing that your company is so accommodating and flexible with design for your customers... So many places just aren't willing or able to make any changes. So glad we were able to tailor the enclosure to our needs!



"Julie," Portland, Oregon


Hi Christal,

Got Adam all set up. It took him a couple of days before he ventured into his new enclosure but now enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. He is really doing well in his new living arrangement. It's a pain getting the car in and out of the garage, have to contain him first, but it's certainly peace of mind that he is no longer coyote bait! Best regards, Annelle Baum | Seal Beach, CA


Hello, Christal:

I thought you might be interested in a photo of the carrier you built for me installed in my F150. It fits into the back seat just fine. However, I had one small problem (which was my doing: I didn't allow for the seat belt reel - upper right - so I had to disassemble the carrier partially and then reassemble it inside. Kind of frustrating but it all worked out. Morna and I expect to be on the road sometime before the end of September. Thanks for a great product: everyone who has seen it is really impressed.

Richard A. Biggar

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Hi there, Cristal,
I could not resist showing you a picture of my latest litter with her new birthing box. The mother cat has definitely given her seal of approval and I just LOVE it. This picture was taken my bed. It is so nice. I just have to glance over and I can see everything that is going on with the new kittens.

Lynda Minarzick
Points of Perfection Siberians




Good Afternoon Christal, 
We received the shipment yesterday afternoon. I spent the morning tearing out our old cages and building the new ones. They are absolutely fantastic and I have attached pictures of them in place. Please disregard the paint issues on the walls and floors. All of the old caging was attached to those areas and contractors could not get behind/under the pipes. I will have to dig up some pictures of the old cages for comparison. I was so excited to get started this morning, I completely forgot to get picture before I tore out the old ones! 

Thanks again, 
Jonathan Loftis, MS, RVT | Animal Facilities Manager and Instructor Veterinary Medical Technology | Central Carolina Community College | Sanford, NCSara Miles

Dear Ms. Christal,
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the crate I ordered from your company. Initially, I was most concerned about putting it together and thought I would have to have one of my brothers assemble it. Not so. My 13 yr old daughter (very mechanically inclined) basically looked at the instructions and said, "I got this. I'm just going to need you to help me tighten it". With that, it was assembled in no time and fits beautifully in the house. Our cats are safe at night. And with the casters, I can easily move it out of the living room and into a bedroom if I want it out of sight when we have company. My family was a bit taken back by the money spent on this (let's be honest, I can buy a large cage from other vendors) until they saw assembled product. WOW!-My mothers said. This isn't just any cage, it's beautiful. And she's right. It's very nice looking, very well made and most importantly our cats are now safe at night.
Most Sincerely,
Cate Hennigan and family | Alhambra, CA



This is a great option—mom cat can have kittens on top level—easy to reach and clean up.  Once kittens are 5 weeks old, remove the cover form the opening to the lower level and there’s lots of room for kittens to run around and Mom to get some reset.  An, then it’s also easy for the kittens to get in and out of the cage altogether (from the bottom level).  They like to back in to sleep and eat, Keeps kittens safe and makes cleanup easy.

Annette Wilson | South Haven, MI

Wynterwynd Russian Blue Cats & Kittens




Christal ...

Arrived, all set up..... and perfect!  One of the nosey girls had to try out the cage first.

Steve Brock
Stormytown Maine Coons

Storm Lake, IA

Good morning Christal,


Hope all is well. Finally getting a little sunshine and temps are starting to go up.  Looks like Spring may be on the way.

Anyway, I put the new cage together just a few days ago and it fits perfect through the door ways, so I will be able to move it around when needed.

I really like the size and the floor in this cage.  I am running out of room in the house. I guess the next thing is (for the cats) to have their own house.


As always Thanks again for a wonderful job,


Alice Graham


Thank you for your wonderful product! I am amazed how many people stop by to visit the animals since we put up the structure at Petco about a month ago. Regular shoppers will leave their carts and want to play with a cat inside the room and potential adopters have a chance to get acquainted with their new pet. Adoptions are up and we are grateful!

Denise Sperling | Petaluma, CA
Petaluma Animal Services




[Photo of the 'Mobile Visiting Room' attached]



Here is our "brother" Silver in his new enclosure!

...and Oliver and Brandy...

Thank you Jim, Christal and every one at CD&E Enterprises!

Joanne Palmieri | Spring Hill, FL

December 13, 2013

Hi Christal! Just to let you know that our enclosure delivery via UPS was received yesterday evening, in good condition, and 'putting it together' was a quick, easy job, this morning. Thank you so much for another very well designed and constructed enclosure. We're so pleased to have found your company, and the excellent products you make! Such a sweet relief after out first cage purchase from a different manufacturer! Wanted to mention, too, that I was really pleased to see on your website that you are now making large, aluminum, walk-in rooms. I've been looking for something like this for a long time as a safe place to use for outdoor time for the cats during the summer! Thanks again, and every good wish for a blessed Christmas!
Merrylyn (Janiga) | Santa Fe, NM

December 12, 2013

I have two of the Model s303 and need to order another. The two I've been using have worked out perfectly for the past 7 years and I just love them. They clean up so nicely. I can't say enough wonderful things about your cages. Obviously, since I'm on my third one!
Penny Yap | Metamora, MI

December 6, 2013

Hey Christal,

Hope the weather isn't too bad your way. The freeze hit us hard so in a pinch I asked Azamet (Bengal kitten) to give up his cat house so that I could bring my Rooster in to protect his headdress area from the hard freeze and an older hen who needed some extra protection. If you think about it, your cages would easily modify for use for chicks and chickens.. I use the exact 1 x 1s in your frame in wood for perches outside in the barn... Roo and mamma hen did well and were comfortable. lol ... The cat house was an easy success for the transition for everyone. Azamet didn't care about giving up his house for the night, he's one of the dogs now and usually is left to run around all night long on the loose anyway.

Take care
Patricia Cassidy | Walsenburg, CO


Thanks so much Christal! And great cage- I'll be sure to use you again in the future and will recommend you to anybody who is looking for a cage.

Anne Appel

Chicago, IL


Yay! Many thanks! Awesome to see pics of the actual product. :) After waiting months with another company that ultimately never delivered... thank you for your prompt service!

--Sara K. Miles | Ogden, UT Sara Miles


My wife and I ordered a customized cage from CD&E cages several years ago. We called, e-mailed, asked questions and generally tried our best to get on the nerves of Crystal and the rest of the folks there at CD&E. They were so nice, and so willing to answer all our questions that they made it easy to order a cage that fit our needs perfectly. Our cage was built to fit in our cattery, but also built to take outside for easy cleaning. When you look at our cage it still looks brand new even after all these years. Cleaning this cage is a breeze. We just roll it outside, spray it with a cleaner, and rinse it out with a water hose. It dries in no time in the sun and we roll it back in. We are now looking at more cages and of course, we are again contacting our friends at CD&E. They are definitely the best!

Harold and Diane Bourgeois - Qt-Tonks Cattery Texas


I had these custom made for my dog room that will have all of the feeding and medicating supplies all in one centralized area. The cage bank is to put all of my guys in while they eat or if I need to stash them away while someone comes to work on the house or something and they need to be out of the way. ... I'm so excited! This should save me a ton of time and make the house look nicer as I won't have wire crates all over. In this room I have a counter and built in cabinets, sink, refrigerator, a grooming table and exam light, an oxygen/isolation cage and my oxygen concentrator. And of course the cage bank and shelving!!!! Thanks to the wonderful folks at CD&E Enterprises who custom designed it for me and gave me a bit of a discount as it is for the rescues!! Che3ck out their website that have an awesome design team and do beautiful affordable work!

Lisa Weber
Pug Rescue of San Diego


Keto is loving this new cage!

Sharon Ruble | Spartanburg, SC

[That's Sharon’s monkey Keto sitting on the shelf near the snack slot, what Sharon calls 'the jailhouse slit'!]


"Your cages are great! They much such a difference. At some point I need to put cats up and this is the very best way!"

Anne Franzblau | Lutherville, MD


"Catzilla's personality has completely changed! She has the 3-level enclosure all to herself. She's purring and wanting to be pet, and rolling over for tummy rubs.  She's feeling safe because she doesn't have to defend herself from the other cats. She completely changed within a week. Absolutely completely changed. She absolutely loves it!"

Rita Shaffer | Stuart, FL

What a condo! You make the best condos! Keep up the good work. Edgrrr VonTrapp is livin large!
Best to you always,
Kaity Fedor | Hollister, CA

Kvell Birman Cage
Kvell Birman Cage


Thanks Christal,
This time I'll be ready when (the cage) comes.  We love the other cage and so do the cats.  Some of them don't even want to come out and others ask to go in.  I think Tumbler will be happy with his new one too.  Am really looking forward to it.

Take care, and thanks again for everything.
Pam Hentschel | Newark, IL


The new S551 arrived today. Already set it up and got the two girls into their spaces to await the birth of their kittens.

Thank you so much for assisting me in putting together an enclosure that will suit my needs when I have pregnant moms. 

You guys are the best!

Susan MacArthur | Pleasantville, OH
Pelaqita Persian Cats



Hi Christal,


I just wanted to write to tell you how very satisfied I am with my new kennels! The enclosures are perfect! We had a little glitch with the left shelf... but a call to CD&E helped clear up the confusion. My only wish is that I had thought to create a little "hand entrance" door to allow me to just slip in a bowl of food or pick up one kitten. When they are inside, they cling to the door and are a devil to keep from hopping out! But, it is a learning curve for all of us. I have discovered that if I just wait patiently, they'll come down from the door and I can whisk the door open quickly, grab whomever is trying to make their escape, and then get their food in. I really love the litter pans, and find cleaning a breeze!


Thanks so much!


Tammy Hollingsworth | Indianapolis, IN

A big shout out to Christal of CD&E enclosures for her invaluable assistance in helping me to figure out what I needed for a new queening cage. What I had been doing is taking apart one of the enclosures in the cat room and moving it into my bedroom and re-assembling it for when a girl was due to have kittens. Not only was this a ton of work for me and John, but it made for one less enclosure for the stud cats. Not good. We just ordered a new s551 enclosure with double doors on the left hand side of the enclosure (for assisting birthing moms more easily) and with a 10" privacy walls so the cats "think" they have some privacy from prying eyes. Love this. These are the best enclosures, the best made ones, and I just cannot say enough about them and their owners. Here is hoping that the new enclosure is completed and shipped in time for when Gracie is due. :-) This is my 4th one, I admit. They are invaluable to me and the safe housing of my cats when they need to be contained (especially for birthing). Love the product an love the people who make them!!!! Heaven sent.

Susan MacArthur | Pleasantville, OH | Pelaqita Persian Cats

These are the BEST cages made... I love mine... Have 4!! All different.
Karen Walsh | Hollister, CA

Hi, I got my packages yesterday in excellent condition. I put it together after I got it. By myself! I found it very easy to put together. The only trouble I ran into was the roof and the middle platform. That was a little more challenging. I could have used an extra set of hands for that part The cat loves the cage. I have the doors open so she can go in and investigate when ever she feels like it. I am able to feed her on the top deck where the other cat and dogs don't eat her food and she can eat when she wants to. She found the hole to the second deck immediately and also climbed the walls. I really like the new cage.
Thank you very much.
Cathy Stanley | Norfolk, VA

Hello Jim -
Your prompt email and apology is very much appreciated, and we are happy to let you know it was actually quite easy to drill through the plastic back of the enclosure to gain proper access to the bolt holes. The cage is now fully assembled and its new occupant already snoozing happily on the top shelf. Other than the little glitch, the cage was easy to assemble - excellent, clear instructions - and nicely manufactured. Everything was very carefully packed and arrived in good order. If the need for further enclosures arises, it will be a pleasure to do further business with your company.
All good wishes,
Merrylyn and Jay Janiga | Santa Fe, NM

The enclosure quality was beyond what we even expected. Noel and I were very impressed with how well it was made and how easily it was put together. I set it up right away and Ozma was inside before I was even finished. She loved every last bit of it. We took it camping with us and she quickly adapted to knowing it as her home away from home. We also appreciated that you were so adaptable with our fairly rushed schedule. We all had a great time and I know that the enclosure will see much use in the future.

Thanks, Nicole Albrecht | Saint Charles, IL


The shipment could not have gone better. My apartment building is a high-rise and classified as "commercial" so Central Freight delivered it on Tuesday, the day after shipping. One of the maintenance men at the building brought the boxes upstairs for me. I had the enclosure put together this weekend and it's so perfect. I'll send you separately a photo of Coco checking out her new outdoor oasis.

Thank you so much for all of your assistance. It was such a pleasure doing business with you.

Best, BethAnn Dranguet | Austin, TX

This is Coco. Now safely able to spend time on her 9th floor balcony.

I have 2 of your cages - the s555 and s554. Your cages are the best!
Sherri Regier | Seattle, WA

Hi Christal, I love my CD&E cages!!!
Judy Dunkin | Geneva, OH Dunkin
Himalayans and Exotics

Hi Christal, the shipment arrived today and in good shape. I opened both boxes and inspected all pieces. I can tell its very well made and its going to look nice. I haven't assembled it yet but it looks fairly easy to put together. I'm really happy with the size and the fact that it isn't too heavy. I can't thank you enough for getting this to me so quickly. The sooner I'm moved in the better and I think I can get started now that I know Nubia will be okay here. I'm sure she'll adapt and be happy in the cage.

Thanks especially for the prayers, I both need and appreciate them. I'm a big believer in prayer and have a very strong faith in God. With all of the battles I'm facing, knowing that he has my back and all is under his control is what has gotten and what keeps getting me through.

I think that you run a very respectable and professional company, if I happen to come across anyone that should need a cage I will definitely refer them to you. Best Regards and many blessings to you.
Judith Brandl | Sun City, CA

I have a new monkey and need another cage! The one I bought two years ago is exactly what I needed and it's in great shape. Looks the same as when I got it. It's an excellent cage, so well made. It's so strong. This cage is beautiful. I get so many comments!
Jeff Tobacco | Ricky Point, NY

Good Morning, First off, We love our new walk-ins! But our cats love them even more! Can't say enough good things about them... Our customers are astonished! Got the replacement caps too. Thanks. Now, I need to order a couple of new cages...
Patrice Davidson | Delta Humane Society Stockton, CA |

Thank you for sending the screw.  The cage is greattttt, thank you, my boys love it.
Patricia Varnadore | Waverly, GA

FYI, our cats love the shelf carpets! So much so that they don't want to give them up for a night to be washed, so we have to order extras. We love our cat colony cages and thank you for all of your help.

Suzyn Barron | Warwick Valley Humane Society Warwick, NY |


Thought you would enjoy seeing how we prepare for kittens in our household. We set this enclosure up in our master bedroom to make sure we catch any cat that goes into labor.

Sophia is in the top part of the double-decker CD&E enclosure. She has her birthing box (pink carrier with towel on top on the left hand side of picture). Litterbox, food and water. Now, she just has to have those babies on time! Tempest is in the bottom part of this enclosure. She decided to stay in her birthing box (on left hand side of photo)

Susan MacArthur | Pleasantville, OH
Pelaqita Persian Cats


I have to tell you how much I love my cage.  I use it every day.  It's just been wonderful.  We've had it a long, long time, 10 years now, and it still looks new.  It's just so beautifully made.  Our contractor was here today and was so impressed with the construction.  I love it!

Sheila Fowler | San Marcos, CA
Summerist Bengal Cats |

Christal, Just a note to let you know the cage is here on my deck and it looks really nice!  Not hardly a mark on the boxes so I'll give OLD DOMINION Freight an A+ on this delivery. We THANK YOU for the nice job well done, and an A+ to you folks also.

Robert & Martine Lafnear | Jacksonville, OR

The monkey cage we got from you [4 years ago] is fantastic. We love it.  We use a hose on it and it looks like the day you shipped it.  Nobody makes anything the quality you do. Everything else is junk.  I called Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled after I saw them in a news special.  I wanted to know who made their cages and they gave me your company's name.  That's how I came to contact you the first time.  Now we need another cage!
Rodney F. | Marion, IN


That's wonderful I'm very pleased with your service! My boys will be so
happy to have a new big enclosure.

-Brooks McNew | Friendship, MD
Pixel Perfect Cats |
Kvell Birman Cage

Hi Crystal,

I keep forgetting to email you. Anyway. I wanted to let you know that the custom cage looks wonderful. Thank you so much for your help.

Leonor Gray | Los Gatos, CA


Hi there,

We are still loving our new cages! Had a couple of people come by and see them and maybe you will get some more orders soon! People especially like the 44x54 design. :)

Janet & Carissa Altschul | Joshua, TX
Cacao Cattery

Kvell Birman Cage

Christal IS the "Cage Queen"!  I have never dealt with a company that was more responsive to their customers' needs.  Yes, the name of the company is CD&E ... but to me, the company is Christal and Jim. Oh, have I mentioned that they make GREAT cages? I have seen competitor’s cages. We LOVE our birthing units that were designed for us. In a world where companies tend to want to force you into their box, Christal & Jim will make your box just like you want it! Refreshing....

Steve Brock | Storm Lake, IA
Stormytown Maine Coons


We were so surprised and pleased to see CD&E cages at the World Cat show. We ordered our first large cage for our stud cat, Meatball, many years ago and he loved it. 
We have two other cages at this time (including a queening cage in our master bedroom next to my side of the bed). These cages are easy to clean, easy to put together, and you can reconfigure them in so many ways. Love them!!! But more importantly, love the people behind the product and their commitment and love for animals and their safety.

Susan MacArthur | Pleasantville, OH

Pelaqita Persian Cats


Hello Christal,

Hope all is well with you. I got my cage put together today and everything moved around. I think the boys will be quite comfortable in their new cage. It fits perfect in the corner, thank you for your help again. You have been wonderful as always.

Alice Graham | Greencastle, PA
Countryside Bengals

Kvell Birman Cage


As far as I'm concerned, there is no better enclosure than CD&E!!!! I have purchased other enclosures and there is no comparison!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Jody Chambers | Ft. Worth, Texas
JCatLyn Maine Coons |


Christal -
I received the cage. It is PERFECT! I really love it. I am very impressed with your company and will be sure to recommend you to others. I couldn't believe how easy you made it to put together the product. I did it all by myself; didn't need help from my husband at all. Excellent service, excellent product! Very happy customer.
Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Satterly | Salina, KS


Omg it's fantastic!!!!! :))) thank you!!!

Tania Antenucci | Minesing, Ontario, Canada
Argentia Orientals

Kvell Birman Cage


Just a note to let you know that I received the cages in good condition. I actually put them together myself. They are beautiful. I am so pleased with them and my cats like them too. Thank you so much for a pleasant experience. My order was fairly customized and not one single mistake!

Nancy Woodbury | Pennsville, NJ

Hello Christal,

THANK you for getting the cage out the door. I was just looking at Delicious today...and she is HUGE... so she will go right into one of the cages as soon as Steve gets it together. I have confirmed the delivery tomorrow Christal...and will be sure to have Steve write something on the delivery receipt.

Thank you again for getting the cage completed and out the DOOR!!


Becky Beckmann & Steve Burdine

10/29/12 UPDATE

Hello Christal,

Just a quick note. Steve ended up picking up the cage himself on Friday afternoon... or we wouldn't have gotten it until Monday. It was put together on Saturday... there are "Two" pregnant moms in it already...and added another "Cat" today.

I attached a photo or two... not the greatest photos... I can't get wide enough in our kitten room.

Thank you very much Christal, for getting the cage done and shipped up here. Steve and I really appreciate it!!

Have a great day!! Becky Beckmann

Cage Picture
Christal, attached are some pictures of the 'cat palace' [It was my sun room.] A couple of the cats are @ Petsmart hoping to get adopted. If not, they come back to the vacant crates. All cats get their turn @ a Petsmart or get adopted from the web-site. I get picked more for the adult fostering because of having the crates. I never let all go @ at once.

The garage is for ferals or new ones until tested [because you have to be tested before going to the ‘cat palace’]. I have another crate that you custom made that’s in my garage. (The cat in the garage) got your crate because I can manage him, i.e. he won’t let you pet him, but in all other ways he is nice. He is going out to a really nice barn home this weekend.

The nice new crate that I just got actually has 2 cats within. The other one is hiding.

So glad you are there to provide these crates. I couldn’t do what I do without them.

Tara Smithwick | Durham, NC

PS ~~ I even have an office @ my place of work for cats. I usually keep about 2 adults or a litter of kittens if I am fostering kittens.

Hi Christal,
I knew I would hear from you when the (new) cage would be ready. I just can't say enough good things about the cages. It makes my life so much easier and I feel so much more comfortable about the safety of the kittens. Hope you are having a wonderful day thank you so much.
Alice Graham | Countryside Bengals | Greencastle, PA

Hi Christal, Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know the cages are here and amazing! We love them and the cats do too. They arrived in perfect condition, were easy to assemble and look beautiful in our brand new cat sanctuary. Thank you for all your help. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Laura Jordan | Director, Ashford Sanctuary
Our Companions Animal Rescue | Bloomfield, CT

Cage Picture
I wanted to tell you a little Pooh Bear story so you have a better understanding of how smart he really is. When we feed him at night he's most of the time still asleep. He gets 3 bowls, two of them are about 3 inches across. One has an entire cut up banana and the other applesauce. The third bowl is larger and has mixed fruits and veggies. When Pooh Bear wakes up, the first thing he does is walk past the bowls on the shelf and sniff each one, doesn't eat yet, just checking them out. My wife tried to save some money and bought a store brand of applesauce instead of Mott's like normal. Well Pooh Bear wakes up, walks over to the bowls, the bananas were fine as was the fruit/veggie bowl. But when he sniffed the applesauce, he looked up at us then took his paw and pushed that bowl off the shelf! Like he was telling us something! Needless to say, he now only gets Mott's applesauce!
Thanks so much for the fast perfect service, just like your cages, couldn't get any better!


The parts I ordered on Tuesday are here today, boy that's some kind of service! Great cages and great service, you can't have any competition at all, no one could keep up with you folks!
John Wyckoff | Titusville, FL


Hi Christal,
The cage worked out very well for Scott and his new buddy, Melanie! We installed a mouth-operated system so that Scott is able to let Melanie out of the cage, as he has no movement from his shoulders down. The cardboard on the side is a temporary block to give them both a bit of separation when Scott is in bed. It will be taken down in a few weeks when they are both more comfortable with one another (I forgot to take it down for the picture!).

Kelly Doherty,OTR/L MOT
Placement Specialist / Occupational Therapist

Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled, Inc
Allston, MA 02134


Hi Christal
I don't know if you remember me , I'm Sandra Picchiello from Myingyan Gems Birmans in Florida. I bought the first cage from you guys in 1993, when you were making them with pvc thick round pipes. It's the 3 story condo. That cage is still in use outdoors in Argentina. There are two little pictures of it on my website I'm attaching to this email. As you can see on the picture there was a time in which we used to move it around depending on our cat's needs. Nowadays walls and a roof have been built around it to provide the cats more outdoors protection . Next year the cage is going to be 20 years old... Floors are perfect, same as doors and coated wire.
Thank you!

Sandra Picchiello | Cooper City, FL
Myingyan Gems Birmans


The old cage, a true testament of CD&E "forever" cages...soon to be 20 years old!


Hi Christal,

Just wanted to tell you how much I love the cage. I will try to get a picture sent to you some time with the cats. It was easy to put together with the neighbor's help.

Thanks again,
Joy A. Tanner | New London, CT

10/09/12 - UPDATE

Hi Christal, My cat, Mojo really likes the cage.......he first started sleeping on top of the cage because I have a blanket on he's sleeping in the bed I put up on the top level. I really like the will help me when I go to work and I want to separate them. Tiger is coming in the house more regularly now and my cats love him. He purrs and rolls around on the rug and I caught him lying on my bed. He feeling really at home here now. It's not that cold yet and Tiger still likes to go outside and sit in his heated cat house. :) Later, Joy

Oh my goodness! We are so excited. They are all put together and have new tenants. Everyone is so pumped.
Cannot thank you enough for your continued help and support.
JoAnn Jones | PAWS of Hertford County
Murfreesboro, NC

Cage Picture
Our new Penthouse cage. [(2) 4-unit s550's stacked]

It wasn't easy, but we put it up there. We had to remove a light fixture.


Thanks Christal, these are great!

Deb Ketcham
Seal Beach Animal Care Center | Seal Beach, California


Hi Christal,
"THANK YOU" for the first class service!!
Best regards,
Tara Johnson | Sulphur, LA

Hi Christal, we had the cage together 1 hour after we spoke......and wonders of wonders we are still married! Guess what we found on the box when I lifted it up..... that my husband swore wasn't there........the assembly directions!
It is beautiful I love it and the cats love it.....I'll send pic when I get it decorated....yes I said decorated!
I just have one little concern, since it will mostly be used for kittens...I was just a tad nervous that the distance between the shelf and the wire would may be a safety hazard and they may get stuck? What do you think about a modification to the shelf's in the future.....maybe notched so that they will fit snugly against the wire? [CD&E: We make that shelf!] Just a thought......did I tell you I love the cage?
I have one of those Pei Pods for the cats......and wanted to put it inside. My husband kept saying it won't fit, it won't i just picked it up, slid it in the door and guess what? IT FITS! Bless his heart he is so engineering awkward too.
Maureen Demers | Deckerville, MI

July 19, 2012
Hi Christal and Jim,
The cage arrived on Thursday, but so did my husband (he had been on a 6 day trip). Consequently, I did not get a chance to put it together until today. It arrived completely intact and is quite beautiful assembled! I'm very happy with your product and really appreciate the speedy construction and delivery. Tilka, my pregnant Siberian cat enjoyed the furry top shelf for a very long time - it has a nice view.
Thanks again for everything. Your attention to detail is also appreciated here:) This is a great product and I will be sure to contact you for the 2 outdoor enclosures we are planning (there will be no rush on those).
Deb Heckler | Hamburg, MI

Hello Christal. 
The staff here at Oconto Area Humane Society is very happy with the recent order we placed with your company, as are the cats who were chosen to be housed in it.  I would like to approach my Board of Directors with an estimate for another unit.  This unit would be a 'nine bank' version of the one we have already purchased.  ... I desperately want to improve the lives of more of shelter residents.
Thank you very much!
Jessica Beaumia | OAHS Shelter Director
Oconto Area Humane Society | Oconto WI

PS  I have attached a photo of the completed unit at our shelter.


Hi Christal

This is Diane Johnson from Oroville Ca. I have the whippets that you made the crates for my van. Just before you [relocated to Texas] I came and you changed the large 3-unit crate into a 2-unit and single. I have since changed vans and need the sides of the 2-unit crate converted into doors. I would like to send you the sides so you can change them for me and there would be no guessing games on the size and location of drilled holes.

I love the crates. I can't believe the original was made in 2002 so they are going on 10 years old. They are still perfect and beautiful.

Diane Johnson | Oroville, CA


Hello Christal!

Thanks again! We've received so many nice complements from visitors to our shelter about how nice it looks with all the new, matching cage units. Actually makes the place look bigger and not so cluttered!!

Amazing difference!! Thanks so much for all your kind help & assistance!!
Linda Green | Happy Endings No-Kill Animal Shelter
Milwaukee, WI

I have been designing, buying, adapting, and modifying cages for wild and domestic animals for over 20 years, and this is the first time I have ever thought, "Yes, they GET it!" And no, I am not a distributor or compensated in any way other than the new friendship with lovely people that I truly admire.

These are THE nicest cages I have ever seen, and what I love about them is that the designers have really taken the perspective and needs of the animals into consideration when designing them. Please contact Christal Frerking at CD&E cages. Not only are the cages amazing, but you couldn't find more wonderful people to help you, truly. You would be buying from REAL animal lovers.

Kimberly Manthy | Odd Balds Sphynx Cattery | Irvington, VA


Thank you again for the [shipping information/receiving instructions]; it was very helpful. The enclosure arrived in great condition yesterday. It's wonderful, my kitten loves it! Thank you so much!

I was concerned about having to assemble the enclosure myself, but I was able to assemble the enclosure easily and quite quickly--the assembly instructions were clear and easy to follow and the parts are of good quality and easy to put together.

I'm so glad that my kitten has such a nice and now also a safe solution for an enclosure while I'm away at work.

Edynn Sato | Redwood City, CA

I love my cage! It's so nice. The size is perfect. The door, they can't get out. VERY nice. I just love it!
Lisa Bradford | Mesa, AZ

Cage Picture
Hi! I have to tell you - I picked up the box Thursday from UPS. Put it together Friday morning while we were at the RV shop getting a power fan installed. Friday after work, took Ellie to Seattle to be with her intended; had dinner, and then we were on the way home. (Millie was with me, just in case). Stopped at the grocery store for milk and cereal; got home at 9:45. Millie went straight to the waiting box and went into active labor. First pup born at 10: 15, last one at 11:30 - 3 pups! (Talk about "just in time" - she was supposed to wait till Monday to deliver!) Here's the photos of the box put together. Thank you so much for your very prompt service!
Cheers, Helen, Firerose Papillons, WA State
AKC CGC Evaluator; CPDT-KA

Cage Picture04/17/2012

Hi Christal,

Just wanted you to know:  the crates had their maiden voyage in the RV.  It was great!
My friend, Carol, and her Corgi, Cricket traveled with us to a seminar for the weekend.
First thing she said:  "Wow, they're beautiful."
Once we were on the road:   "Wow, they're so much QUIETER than the wire crates."
We could actually hear each other talk for a change!
and then "I think the dogs are much happier with their new crates".

Thank you so much for getting them to me!
Helen Dohrmann | WA
Firerose Papillons |

We are a small, all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit companion animal rescue group working in NW Washington state. We purchased our first (condo) to use in the Mount Vernon Petco store and built a cabinet to go underneath to store supplies; there is no way to express how happy we are with it! The store staff also have made comments about how much better they like our condo over the others there.
Thank you for the excellent products you make!

Gail Omdal | Co-founder, Secretary/treasurer, and foster mom
Friends for Life Animal Rescue | Mount Vernon, WA

It's absolutely fabulous! I knew it was nice but my husband was impressed too. My cat is jumping back and forth - he's fascinated by it! He likes the room. He's going to love being outside on nice days. It's perfect!
Pat Benter | Riverside, CA

Christal -
Thank you so much for all your help!!
Glad you're enjoying Butch's blog. [ ]
Linda Green | Happy Endings No-Kill Animal Shelter
Milwaukee, WI |

Kvell Birman Cage
The queening pen has been ideal. When the kittens are 2-1/2-3 weeks old and they're toddling around, they're safe. Even after they have full run of the house, they go back inside to sleep. They know it's their safe place. It gives me amazing flexibility. It's amazing!
Susan Schindelman | Kensington, NH
Kvell Birmans |


Thank you, Christal. Your help was much appreciated, and I am especially honored to have received the expertise of the owner of the company! I didn't realize that it had been almost six years since I bought my s520. I love that cage, and I look forward to rehabbing it with the new parts. I am very happy to hear that you have moved to within "driving distance" (less than twelve hours) from where I live. The next time I head to the Dallas area I will have to swing by. As I said on the phone, your cages are the best I've seen. I won't have any other now that I've had yours. I'm spoiled.

Elan Barefield | Tuscaloosa, AL

Multnomah County Cage Pic

As soon as we bring another store online, we'll be in touch!
Thank you for your fast, professional service.

Ann Potter | Program Specialist, Sr.
Multnomah County Animal Services
Troutdale, OR |

Hi Christal,
I just wanted to let you know how much I love your cages. You did such a good job making sure I got the right cage for me the first time, that I didn't have to think twice about the second cage. The cats are very comfortable with plenty of room to play and be safe. The cages are so easy to clean, that it doesn't seem like a job. I will be recommending your cages to anyone who askS me. You are a pleasure to work with. I can't say enough about how easy you have made everything, from figuring out which cage to order through shipping. If I find room and need another cage, I will be calling. You are wonderful. Thank you again,
Alice Graham | Greencastle, PA |Country Side Katz


Hi, guys.

We ordered a cage from you last month and it has changed my life! I want to order another exactly like the one I ordered, only I need it to be 25 inches deep, instead of the typical 30 inches deep. Let me hear, as I would like this cage on my front porch yesterday!!!

We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful product.

Natalie Blakeley | Prescott Valley, AZ

Blakeley Cage Picture


Hello Christal,
Just letting you know our cage arrived today and now my husband has a project that he can handle and I love that.
We will order more of these cages next year.
Ann LaPlante, Pet Express Inn | Latham, NY

I've forwarded the new quotes over to our grant writer and am hoping we'll be able to place another order with you in the near future. We (and the kitties) LOVE our new cages and want more, more, more!!!!!!!!!! Linda Green | Milwaukee, WI Happy Endings No-Kill Animal Shelter |

Dear Christal,
I got my new s520 and assembled it. I LOVE it! It is going to make my life so much easier! Thank you so much!
Heather Colbert | Mountain View, CA

Hi Christal,
The cage arrived at the residence today in good condition!
Thanks for all of your help in getting this cage to us in such a timely manner.
Selma Pang | Honolulu, Hawaii

We put the cage together last night and Mia Bella did GREAT in her new home!! It is a fantastic cage!! I know now why noone has returned one in 10 years!! Thanks to you, your husband and your employees for pulling together to help me. I am really impressed with the quality and your generous heart!!
Thanks again,
Your #1 fan, Kelly Williams | Houston, TX

Hi Christal,

Thought you might like to see how your cage is working out. The kittens are 5 weeks old now. I put them up top to play while I clean the bottom of the cage. Working out great as you can see. Thanks again,

Alice Campbell-Graham | Greencastle, PA
Countryside Bengals

Hello Christal,
My cage arrived today. The opening is positioned perfectly for the dogie door. The cage is attractive and the 6 inches of wire between the side and the opening is excellent for Lucy's safety. All turned out well.
Thank you for all your patience and assistance in designing this for added security for Lucy who will enjoy sunning safely in her cage.
Sincerely, Nancy Christen in Vista, CA

Root Outdoor Cat Cage Picture 1 Root Outdoor Cat Cage Picture 2


Hi Christal,

Just wanted you to see the cat cages. The kids are SO happy now that they can be free for most of the day. We've gotten to the point when its time for me go put them away, they come in and jump right into their kennels. They're attitudes are much better and its so easy to figure out who does and does not get along with other cats. We're lucky, only two spat once in a while so they're out when we're there with them. Otherwise everyone gets plenty of fresh air and exercise during my shift.


Thank you so much for the perfect pen for the cats. As always its such a pleasure doing business with CD&E. I like working with a small company that takes so much time to be sure its right for the customer. Thank you again for all that you do and all the help you were helping me get it right so your crew could build it.


Sincerely,Tracy Root
Southwick Animal Shelter | Southwick, MA

Hi Christal,
Just wanted to let you know, a week ago tonight my Bengal had her kittens. I was there to cut the cord on each one. The last one born was tail first and she was having a little trouble so I pulled it out. She had 6 beautiful kittens and is a wonderful mother. The cage is amazing, Ty is very comfortable and relaxed. I get to watch the kittens  grow every day.

I can’t tell you how much I love this cage, it made it possible for me to help Ty when needed  Thank you again for your help with getting the right cage for us. You can see a picture of TY and her kittens at

The website isn’t done yet, but I couldn’t wait to get their picture on. You can also see Mason. He is the boy I got from Becky (Rising Sun Farm |

Have a good evening,

Alice Graham | Greencastle, PA
Countryside Bengals |

I hope you are all well. My name is Anthony Hutcherson - Jungletrax Bengals in Maryland. I have purchased your cages before and LOVE them. They are a very necessary part of my cattery. Years and years later they continue to provide exactly what I need - space, security and cleanliness. THANK YOU.
Thanks so much,
Anthony Hutcheson | Port Tobacco, MD | Jungletrax Bengals

Hi Christal
Love my cage SOOO much.. it is fabulous for all the kitties.
I plan on doing more business with you guys in the future... I
would not buy another cage any where else...
Take Care
Karen Walsh | Hollister, CA

Hi Christal,
Just wanted to let you know, today was the first chance we had to put the cage together. All went well and the cage is great. Ty spent some time in it but was not ready to spend the night. Thanks again for your help with getting the right cage.

Alice Campbell-Graham | Greencastle, PA

Thanks Christal, been a pleasure working with you on this! Regards,
Valerie Smith - Hope, MI
Winterfrost Oriental Shorthairs

I bought the CD&E cage at the show in Mesquite (TX). The woman's name that owns it is Christal. Very, very nice. It took me 20 minutes to set the cage up AND I could have done it by myself. They ship them so that the panels are already together and you just join 1 side with the front, then add the other side, then the back. Then you drop in the floors and the top and you are done. The ONLY tool I had was an allen wrench (which they sent). That's IT!

I bought the 6' x 5' x 3' - it has 2 sections with 2 shelves. It is incredible because it is 3' deep. I can't tell u the difference that makes. I put a momma in there with her litter and they have their entire home just on 1 level. I switched out the bottom shelf for a recessed litter box, then added a riser... The pvc is square rather than round, the hardware is very nice and sturdy.... I can't say enough about the quality of their cages. Oh...if I could only do over. I have 1 of John's, an Ultra Lite and a pvc cage that my contractor made for me (and did a great job)... I would still sell them all to switch out for theirs....


Tracey Dalton | San Diego, CA | Toxicate Cattery



"Love the cage!  The cat loves the cage!" - Tim Kyelberg | Long Beach, CA

[The custom enclosure] is up and is wonderful. You make a fine product.
Sam Shoen | Templeton, CA


Good Morning Christal,
We assembled the cages yesterday and it was very easy!! They are wonderful and the kitties LOVE them.

Thanks for all your help!

Lisa Powell - Memphis, TN
The House of Mews -

Oh man the kittens love (the new cages). I do think they have increased adoptions because people can see their personality playing. We are looking forward to the WALK-INS.
Cindy Cook
Sumter SC SPCA


Dear Christal,
Want to thank you for all of your help. I now have the perfect setup for my girls. It is really a dream!!!! So easy to assemble and it looks really great. A quality product in every way.... Will be doing business with you in the future and will recommend your product to all of my breeder friends.

We purchased a few of your cat condos back in October and have loved them!! They are working out so well and our feline guests and customers love them as well!
Thank you for all your help and making a product that makes our lives SO much easier!
Lauren Demaree - Manager
Five Points Kennels, Inc. - Indianapolis, IN

Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know we love the cage and so do the cats. They go in it and sleep when they don't have to. ;-) Appreciate how fast we were able to get it.
Karen Hatfield- Zephyrhills, FL

Christal & Jim;
Thank you again for getting our new cage in record time...
It is now assembled and in use.
Enjoy the Holidays with all your family,Shar Pelzl - Dripping Springs, TX
BerShar Cattery

Christal...advice: Never try to spend quality time with your man on a holiday weekend, by putting queen pens together, together......send him off to do something else instead, while assembling it with another woman....the cage is up and running....and beautiful as always.....thank you.....
Rise' Chontos
In Care of Cats - Elizabeth, PA


Good Morning Christal...I just wanted to tell you that the condo is FABULOUS...and with a lot of help from my ex- (ha..ha..) we got it put together...He stated not hard just because it was so large....

I got the feral cat who has FIV (aids) in there and she loves it....Best life she has ever had and she has had a horrible life at 13 yrs. old weighing 4 lbs. when I rescued her....If I can manuever the blackberry...I will send you a pic...

Hope you have a great week.
Dianne Martin - Richmond, VA

The cage I got from you, I love it!  It's soooooooo wonderful.  My cats just love it, I just love it!  Now I'm going to foster dogs with puppies so I need something new ...
Lisa Cook - Orange, CA

"Love the cages.  Best thing we ever did.  They still look good as new.  They take a licking and keep on ... you know!"
Rise Chontos
In Care of Cats - Elizabeth, PA


My stud cage is perfect... you were correct about the easy construction!!! I am very pleased (and so is he) and cannot wait for the other cages. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. I will talk to you soon!
Nichole Kelly - Ft. Collins, CO
Rocky Mountain Rexes -

Hi there!
Thank you again for all the help, suggestions and conversation!
The cage is fabulous. Directions were easy to follow and the utility is great.
So enjoyed meeting you!
Best, Cheryl Pedigo - Lucas, TX
La'Roux Abyssinians




The wonderful custom crate you made has been installed into my van. It allows my Pembroke Welsh Corgis to be safely and comfortably transported in compartments the height and width of a 200 size crate, but allows them to stretch out the length of a 300 size if they so desire. They enjoy being able to see outside, and I like being able to keep my eye on them in an oversized rear view mirror, while storing my gear below the crate.

We certainly are having fun with it, and because the crate was made to order, it is able to be placed in, or out of the van without modification to the stock interior.


Thank you so much for offering this unique service and product.

Marilyn Roth Basinger - Lima, OHio

Ross Walk-in


Dear Christal,

The cats love the enclosure, although they still act strangely when out there. But as soon as we bring them inside they yowl to go back out. Really messes with their indoor cat minds! :-D

Bruce C. Ross, PA-C - Spring, TX

Hi Christal,

We did it, the cages are up and occupied ! No damage, we love them.

We couldn’t have had a worse day. We had 40 cats in cages outside under an overhead tarp. It stormed, thunder and lightning. It did this all day. Everyone was soaked, muddy and it was just miserable. The poor cats meowed and were so scared. The room is so small we had to get everything out of it to clean , paint and set back up. Eight of us worked to exhaustion.

Anyway, the cages are heavenly compared to the rusty old wire cages we took out. We desperately need one more tri unit but our ferals need neutering/spaying etc. and we have cats that we took in that were used as dog bait; poor things their bodies are so broken. We will love them and care for them tho. But our medical expense will be high.

Thanks again.

Mary Hewitt - Bay City, MI
Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue


Thanks for my "Cadillac Crate".

Many complements from my dog friends and trainers.

Ron Mattana



Hi Christal,

I love my "garden enclosure" and thought you would like to see a couple of pictures of the garden which is growing by leaps and bounds every day. It's nice to know I can grow a vegetable garden as long as I keep all the wild animals out!

Thanks for the excellent product, assistance, and overall customer service. It's clear that you care very much about deliverying great service and customer satisfaction.

Jennifer Turner - Tucson, AZ



Hi Christal

I just wanted to let you know that my cats arrived safely and my problem child, Boi is very very happy with his new "chateau" as we like to think of it.

Thanks so much to you for your invaluable assistance and this fantastic cage. The assembly was very easy and I have never seen any other animal accommodations that provide so much great value for money.

I've attached a photo.

I wish you all the best for your move to Texas.

Warmest regards
Michelle Carlos - Bedminster, NJ



Dear Christal,

I didn't even know what to put in the subject line. There are truly no words to describe how thrilled I am with the new cat cages. Our new cat building is still a couple of months away. We decided that once the new cages came we would clean the little cat area of the current building from ceiling to floor and use two of our new units in place of the dog crates our poor cats were living in. We rounded up two or three guys to start putting cages together. After stripping the room and scrubbing it from ceiling to floor, our next step was getting the cages into the room and moving the cats in. At the time we only had two adults and a mommy and litter of three. They had spent the day outside in their dog crates while we cleaned.

PAWS The cages were so easy for JoAnn, Catherine and I to move in ourselves. And when we got the first one into the clean sunny room, I have to tell you I stood there and cried. I cry right now thinking about it again. It has been a long time coming.

We happily began putting in the towels, beds, toys, food and water and litter boxes. Then it was time for the cats. We gave the Tuxedo cat an upstairs/downstairs apartment because he had been so restless and unhappy in his dog crate. He is a former pampered housecat, just two, who was surrendered by his owner because her husband had cancer and after he dies she is going to move. (Just another bizarre excuse for deserting a member of the family. . .) Hobie had been so frustrated living in the dog crate that he spent his time constantly knocking water out of his bowl until the newspaper was completely wet. You could not keep his cage dry.

But when I put him in his new apartment, he instantly became the cat you see in the pictures. He rolled over, he played with the toys, he stretched his legs, he hopped on his shelf, he went downstairs. He never again knocked the water out of his bowl. Soon after that he was adopted, but he was very happy for that short time with his change in environment.

All the workers and volunteers are thrilled with the change. Visitors and adopters think the cages are unbelievably beautiful. We are very happy with the choice of white. It reflects light so well and just looks so clean and pure.

Our humane society works out of the county shelter as you know. The county shelter assistant told me that yesterday the animal control officer actually cleaned, fed, and watered the cats for the first time since the assistant had been working there. The beauty and cleanliness of these cages actually makes people want to help care for the cats.
These cages are all that I had hoped for and more.

The next pictures you will get will be all of the cages set up in the new Kitty Cottage.

Thank you so much for the difference your creation of these cages has made to our cats, our group, and our shelter.

Ann Early
PAWS of Hertford County - Winton, NC

Christal - Almost called you at 2 PM - by which time I had all the cages unpacked and checked over, one put up, a mom and her 4 babies moved into it, all the cardboard cut up into pieces I could fit into my Scion and was on the way to recycles. How nice it was to be putting a new one together! But you'll laugh - I haven't even opened the envelope with the directions. Thank you for a quality product.

Thank you so much for getting these to me so promptly. Always nice to get a new CD&E cage.
Chris Willingham - Tomball, TX
Kuanjin Cattery - Oriental Shorthairs

WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Can never thank you enough for all of your help and expertise. Major hugs,
JoAnn Jones - PAWS of Hertford County
Winton, NC -


Hi Christal,

I thought you would like to see how well the custom cage bank is working for us! It fits perfectly into the space and is both gorgeous and functional.

StarbuckMost important, the cats seem very happy. They actually seem much happier than before we moved them into the cages. Previously, I had to keep my boys in rooms by themselves and they were so lonely that they cried all day. Now they are next to each other so they can talk to each other through the wire, and don't seem lonely any more. I haven't heard a single lonely cry. Also, when I spend time in their room and let each one out in turn, I can talk to all of them at once, so they each get more "people time" than before. I never thought I would feel this way, but I am now a total convert to the joy of caging
breeding animals!!

Also, it is great to be able to attach shelves, hammocks, and other things to the wire. It means I can set up each cage like a little cat playground. They LOVE their hammocks. (No cats are in the left corner cage right now, which is why it looks empty in the pictures.)

Thanks so much!

Albany, CA

My mom bought the cage I now have years ago.  If you ever want anyone to vouch for your cages, I sure can!  This one has held up outside all these years -- amazing!
Nina Huff - Sonora, CA
Rose Wolf Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center -


The condo arrived today and man do we LOVE IT! I was stalking the FEDEX FREIGHT guy this morning ;-) I heard the truck coming and rushed outside to meet him. As soon as Brett and I took the boxes upstairs I immediately started opening them.... It felt like Christmas morning to me.


s302 with Barn Doors

It took Brett about an hour to assemble the cage and it was really easy. I was the inspector ;0 The bunnies are having a blast going up and down the levels and hopping around their new place. They are having a hay day!!


I know I told you this already but I have to say it truly saved us and our sanity! Our room was not bunny proofed very well so we had to have fences (the ones people use to keep a large dog in an exercise pen) put up all over our room to keep them from jumping over our bed and chewing our cords. They (Peanut & Delilah) have already chewed through the cord on our DVD player and my worst fear was that I would come home one day and find my darling fur babies electrocuted. We have not had a room for the last 8 months and I finally had enough. When I ran across your website and read all of the testimonials from your customers and saw the wonderful work you do at CD&E I had to look into getting one for us. Let me tell you this was the best little investment EVER! Peanut and Delilah have plenty of space to hop around and we have our room back!


Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I can't say it enough! Christal, you are so knowledgeable and helpful! As I mentioned earlier, I could tell from the pics and from reading the testimonials from your customers that your custom cages were stellar...just what my bunnies need!! :-) So, Thank you again for making this purchase possible and for getting so involved in the entire order process from start to finish. I am not a visual person at all and I am terrible with measurements (as you know) so, sharing your thoughts and input was so valuable to me! I felt as if you were making a condo for one of your pets and you wanted it to be perfect and it certainly came out that way...PERFECT :-)

Thank you & Merry Christmas to you and your family! XOXO, Catherine, Brett, Delilah, & Peanut

Just wanted you to know we use our cages all the time.  We pressure wash them, and they just wear and wear and wear.  We love them!
Tom Willingham - Port Charlotte, FL

We are ready to repeat [our last] order - two more "Dogzilla" cages ...
These cages are holding up, while the rest crumble around them. The team is beginning to see the wisdom of buying something to last, rather than constant repairs.

Alan Stewart - EMP Early Morning Program
Escondido Humane Society - Escondido, CA

s302 with Barn Doors 09/28/09
Thank you so much!  You've no idea how happy I'll be to see (the new enclosure) - and how much I could use that (custom) divider right now!  : ) 

We have had our first litter, one BIG baby courtesy of a c-section this morning.  This is a first-time mommy, in discomfort, and kept apart a little too long because of some excessive bleeding.  If not for your first pen, I don't know how it would have turned out.  It's been invaluable for helping them to bond by keeping mom contained and yet plenty of room.  I can't wait for the new one, we've already run into issues with mom not wanting to stay in the pan but going spastic if babe got off the pad on the bare floor.

Thank you again and I'll get some good pics as a thank you!

Maggie King - Ocala, FL

Lydia L


My kitties, being the fussy spoiled darlings they are, are not allowed to roam outside. Being Persians, they are also not equipped for a rumble so the next best thing is a cat enclosure.

Not a cage, an enclosure. While they are confined they are not cramped. The one I chose was the 505 which has two levels and two perching shelves, is roomy enough for six to stretch out and has two doors. It has held up for about 10 years now. It is fully collapsible (with an allen wrench) and breaks down to fit in a large carrier bin and even when fully assembled, while bulky, does not weigh too much while being very sturdy.

Now I can leave the furries outside to enjoy the view without worrying that they will wander off or that something can get at them. In fact when I say "Kitty Kat Kondo" they run to the door and right out into it. Schweet!

Lydia L | Philipstown, NY

s302 with Barn Doors


Thank you Christal and all who helped to get this unit finished and shipped!  We hope that Storm will wait until her due date, but you never know! It looks fabulous! I am so impressed! Take care everyone and we will let you know how it all works out!
Thank you!

Cathy Frazee - Emerald Hills, CA
Kissyfurs Birmans

Hi, Christal.
Here are a couple of pictures of Tazy on day one. I haven't had a chance to get better ones, but when I do, will forward to you.
Things are working pretty well, and she is getting used to being out in her private patio.
Jackie Miller | Redondo Beach, CA


Christal, you are so cool and clever! LOL Thanks so much for thinking of me and the order! Will be sure to recommend you to my breeder compatriots - actually, I ordered from you all because of recommendations from other breeders...
I look forward to the cage's arrrival Monday, and will inspect cartons carefully on receipt.
Thank you, again.
Purrs, Tricia Young
LesJeunes Birmans - Porter, TX

Oh this is wonderful news!!!  Please thank EVERYONE involved. I am going to email you when they are set up and send you a picture of the litters of moms and babies we are able to save from death because of all of you!!!
Thanks Again!
Julie - Another Chance Pet Rescue
Rochester, NY

I just wanted to tell you as I forgot to mention before I am so happy with the stud cage. It was so easy to put together and is made with such quality and craftsmanship. I am recommending you guys to everyone that I know. The cages are so nice. I just have one boy but another is on his way. I really appreciate all the hands on and wonderful service that you yourself have given Christal. I had questions and you were right there to answer what would be the best cage for me and all the things that came with it. I would highly recommend, as mentioned, your company to anyone and I plan on buying a queen cage in the near future and because of your quality products and wonderful service, I wouldn't look anywhere else!!! If you ever need a reference for your cages, you can use me as a reference anytime.
Thanks so much Christal! Have a great weekend!!!
Liz Nickel - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Christal & Jim --
I received the replacement floor for the cage. Thank you for seeing to this matter quickly. You're a great company and do quality work -- we love your cages. Again, thanks! Take care, Mike Rocheleau | Tree House Humane Society, Chicago, IL |

I'm afraid my thank you note is not very prompt. Sometimes I just fall way behind on my email correspondence. At any rate, you are quite wonderful. Everyone who has dealt with you speaks very highly of you and your cages as well. Thanks again!
Best regards,
Holly Erickson - La Habra Heights, CA
Enchanted Tails Bengal Cats -

CD&E enclosures are the best!  I have 3 of their enclosures: the s551, s555, s402 (queening). 
Crystal at CD&E is the absolute best person to deal with.  She will help you to configure your enclosure to what you need.  She will not try to SELL you what you do not need.  When I first called their company, I was not at all sure what I needed.  I told her how many cats I had and the direction that I hoped to go in.  She asked me how many adult cats I thought I might ever own, how many litters that I had each year, etc., to help determine what type of enclosure would best meet my current needs, but also to allow me room to grow.  She said that there was no reason to sell me something that I could not use.

She also told me that the cages would fit through a standard doorway, but that some of the older homes, the width of the doorways would be too narrow.  If I wanted the width of the enclosures to be a bit narrower in order to fit through a doorway, that they could do that very easily and that it was not a very expensive charge for that service.
Since the enclosures are made of a vinyl-material, they are easy to keep disinfected and the surfaces are not easily scratched or dented by everyday events.  Because of the "panels or dividers" you can configure or re-configure your enclosure any way you want to.  You can leave out the recessed litter box and that opens up the hole so that the cat can jump up into the upper level if he wants more room to roam! 

If something is damaged in transit, CD&E are priceless in working with you!!!  I just love these enclosures as they are so easy to put together by yourself, to re-configure, to keep clean (AND to disinfect them) and the list goes on and on as to why I love not only the enclosures but working with the staff at CD&E.
Susan MacArthur - Pleasantville, OH 
Pelaqitas Persians

I want to thank you for going above and beyond in your effort to get my new triple enclosure to me quickly! You guys are awesome! I received my cage today and though I haven’t had time to open the boxes yet, everything appears to be fine. My husband will put it together tonight. I have a girl due on Sat. and with several other litters here now, I was quickly running out of room! Thank you so much for getting my cage to me in record time. I would love to put a link to your website on my own website Links Page with your permission. I recommend your products to everyone who like me, is unable to make their own enclosures or who wants Top Quality, easy to clean cages.

Tracy Bayarena - Spring, TX
Rare Earth

Thank you too for making such a quality product.
Donna Lawry - Jacksonville, FL
HattKatts Cattery - Norwegian Forest Cats

Hi Crystal -
The shelves arrived in perfect order and are great.  Thanks so much for your help.  When I call CD&E, it's such a pleasant and warm experience.  Wish the rest of the world was just like you!!!!!!
Warm regards,
>^..^<    >^..^<    >^..^<
Virginia King - Irmo, SC
Prancenpaws -



Awesome! Thank you so much for all of your hard work (and patience!!!)

Jill Siebeking OTR/L OTD - Placement Specialist
Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled - Boston, MA

Hi Christal,
Our monkeys say, "thanks for all of your hard work on the cage!"
Jill Siebeking - Helping Hands:
Monkeys Helpers for the Disabled
Boston, MA -

Thank you for your ever prompt, efficient response!  Happy New Year to you and yours!
Deborah L. Curtis - Reston, VA
The Darkside Bombays -

Hi Christal:
Just wanted to let you know my cage arrived yesterday and it is a perfect  fit!   Thanks so much to you and your hubby. Happy New Year!
Val Proctor (one of the many cat ladies from Homestead, FL)

II wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the cages. The quality and workmanship is as expected and we are very pleased. Thanks again and have a great holiday!!!
Glen O'Bryan - Shelby, NC

Wow!  That is amazing that it is done and could ship already.  You guys are great!  Thanks again Christal.  It was nice working with you.  I really appreciate all your help!  Thanks so much.
Liz Nickel - Stevens Point, WI

We are REALLY enjoying the s520 cage.  Several people have been by and admired how well it works in our situation.  It was a very good choice.
Sallie Smith - Atlanta, GA
Golden Seal Birmans -

Thanks a million for your excellent service and always being so helpful. I told Leah you said hello and saying prayers for her. Can't wait to get my new cage!
Thanks so much,
Suzan Gaston - Kountze, TX



Hi Christal and Jim,
Here are a few photos [of Tiny and Peet Savitt in their cage on the condo balcony] taken both from inside the condo and outside on the balcony just to show you how well the cage fits - the cats love it -  - thanks again

Ann Savitt - Portland, OR

You made my eyes tear because of your kindness and everything your company is doing to help me.
Thank you.
Dr. Jane Bicks - Okeechobee, FL



Hi Christal, pictures of my bunnies and cage. Thanks again, the enclosure is working out great.

Stephanie Haas - Sierra Vista, AZ




We received the shipments today and just now finished getting the enclosure put together.  Thank you so very much for everything!! It's absolutely beautiful and I love it!  I will gladly send you some photos soon.

The cost was well worth it. =)
Stephanie Haas

Hi, Christal and all your great employees.
Thank you, the condo is beautiful, we set it up this afternoon, it is in good shape, and the cats are loving their generous space, I would like to thank you again, I know now my barn cats are in a safe place, when I am in Malaysia.  I will always deal with your company and recommend it to others.   Please share this with your employees.
Thank you again.
Cheryl and Jessie Moisey
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Thank you very much.  You have been so nice and helpful.
April Mitchell - Houston, TX

Dear Christal,
just wanted to say thank you and i am very satisfied with the cage, thank you for all your information that you provided to me...thank you so much!!! Best regards
Annie Chow - Hong Kong



PURRRRfect!  My thanks for your kind support and GRRRRreat service.  Molly and Milly will live it up in style!
From the kitties' mother,

ME(ow), Suzanne Traeger - Studio City, CA

Dear Christal,
Hi there sweetie, how are you? 
I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my playpen that you recently made for me.  It's perfect and I'm very pleased. is the latest picture of my newest baby. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 
Regards to the family,
Grace Reger - Rockledge, FL




Thank you so much!  It is a pleasure to work with your business and we truly appreciate it!  As veterinarians, my wife and I will definitely recommend your products again and again!
Take care,

JD Foster - Norwalk, CT

Thank you very much!  Photo of cage in use. 
Peaceful setting.  Again, a big 'thank you'.  
Dorothea Zimmer - Brooksville, FL

Hi. You probably don't remember me. I started in Alpine CA with the 10 foot cage for my two cats, moved to Boise, ID and had a small tunnel built for the cage and now I am living in Portland, OR. I will need another tunnel built to fit this house. I will call you. I had to let you know with all the moving and the various climate changes, this cage is still like new. It handled being moved. I now have it put together as a 5 foot cage instead of 10, not enough room for the full size. From all the rain it has some moss growing on it, but other than that all the hinges are like new including the latch. After 5 years and 2 big moves, It has held up better than I ever thought. It will outlive the cats at this rate.
Kayla Carol - Portland, OR

It is here and it is fabulous! I put it together myself (so easy) and the cats are content. The funny thing is that your packaging was so efficient, yet the boxes showed up with everything wrong. The shock thing was red, the box had a huge hole in it and so on. *Everything* you said to look for in the transport was present. But because of the superior quality and great packaging, nothing was damaged. I am extremely satisfied and the cat cage is better than expected. I am thrilled, very professional business you have. I run a home based business, and like you am very efficient, so it is nice to get what you are promised.
Thank you so much and if you want a testimonial on your website, edit out the shipping problems (that the shippers caused) and add another very satisfied customer to your list!!
Thanks again!!
Nicole Ragan - Valley Center, CA

Zimmer 03/26/08
I just took this photo of the finished product. It's in my bedroom as I'm taking care of a cat due to have kittens for a friend. I'm totally pleased with it.

Dorothy Zimmer - Brookville, FL

Just wanted to get back to you after we have had your enclosures for a month or so. This way, we field tested It and feel good about giving you our assessment. We do own a few or your "competitors" enclosures, and find yours to be exceptional. They are easy to clean, made with quality materials and have the unique quality of being an actual 3-level enclosure, that is, NOT being 3 seperate cages that merely stack 1 on top of the other. This gives the same height to each level without taking up more actual room. Also, we know there is no way 1 level can be toppled. The PVC coated cage bars are terrific. Your door hardware is second to none, can be easily opened by us and impossble for the inmates to open and is made of rust proof metals. The casters don't SCREW into the frames, they have actual "collars" to push up into, making them very easy to replace if that's ever the case. The cleaning of your enclosures is very easily done, especially wth the SOLID panel design you offered. Yes, one thing that was very nice was to have our enclosure custom made without the high price. The solid side panels and back make this enclosure the perfect one. I am very impressed by both the quality materials you use and the high workmanship. Keep up the great work! We will be a regular customer and we will recommend your products highly to all our friends in the cat fancy. Just one other thing. You may opt to enclose a few extra white plastic plugs in the hardware package since a few may break in the shipping. That, I know, is truly out of your control.
Thanks again for the perfect enclosure,
R & S Strzalkowski - Niles, IL
Strazkatz Somalis -
PS - Yes, you can use this email as an endorsement

I just love the cage! It's nice looking and just such good quality. It's sure unique and I am so happy! I'm going to recommend you to everybody.
Dorothy Zimmer - Brooksville, FL

Hi Christal, I got the cages and we put them up no problem. I absolutely love them. They are so nice and such good quality! Thank you and thank you for the scripture, it is so good to see fellow Christians spreading the word!
God bless,
Tina Lufkin - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Wow, wow - thanks guys (for the quick turnaround on the new cages). Looks like we will be having another cage building party.
Back in the fall of last year we, unfortunately, had an outbreak of ringworm in our shelter. We decided to throughly clean our environment from top to bottom, including the many custom walk-in, condos and queen cages you built for us. After removing the cats (of course) we rolled all of our cages out into the driveway out back of our building. We hired a company to pressure wash all the cages with steam and disinfectant. With a "fan type" water pattern we cleaned all the cages. They did great, not a pit, scratch or dent. After they drained, we rolled them back in. I thought you might like to know in case anyone else has to do this. Thanks for all your wonderful work and all the care you put into our cages.

Pam Miller - Founder/Executive Director
SAFE Haven for Cats

We have had our cage for 4-5 months now, couldn't live without it! Well designed and very well built, and our Kinkajou (Pooh Bear) loves it. Your cage is so well built I'm sure it will be here throughout Pooh Bear's entire life, and Kinks have a life span of 20-24 years. Thanks again for such a nice product and have a great holiday. By the way, I've recommended you to many folks on our Kinkajou web page when they need a cage.
John Wyckoff - Titusville, Florida

The cage is perfect! The quality is just gorgeous and just like you said, it was so easy to put together.
Thank you!
Lourdes Lebroc - Dayton, OH

Thank you Christal!
You are just the best! We are moving the kitties Thursday after Christmas. We are busy moving into our new house now. Thanks for all your excellent service and product. Many of our volunteers have commented about how well made and easy to assemble your product is. No one makes an enclosure like CD&E does!! We would recommend you to anyone!
Happy Holidays,
Jan and Jim Rich - Marco Island, FL
For the Love of Cats, Inc. -

Hi Christal,
I'm anticipating that Half Tail (leukemia cat) will be very happy with all the additional space once she ventures out and explorers the different levels. Thank you so very much. The cage was very easy to assemble and it is clearly well designed and constructed with sturdy materials.
Karen Vangor - Nanuet, NY

I just LOVE the unit! It looks so nice in the kitty room. People were at our house today & commented on what a nice cage unit that is. And, with your help getting me started, I actually put it together by myself! What a feat!!!
Ruthie Podd - Kalamazoo, MI
Paws to Pur Himilayans and Persians -

Thank you for your fast and reliable service.
Montgomery Zoo - Montgomery, AL
Jennifer Murphy - Education Curator

Hi Christal,
Thanks so much – it’ll help my little guy out tremendously. I appreciate the fast service!
Kitty Zimmer - Ann Arbor, MI

We absolutely love our cages - and when we can save the funds, we intend to purchase another large one......
Thanks Christal for ...getting to us so expediently. I really do appreciate your help.
Opal Clifton - Hendersonville, NC


The cage you built is wonderful. [monkey cage] We finally got the room done and the cage put together on Tuesday. The fit is perfect and it looks great.
Thank You for a wonderful job!

Kathleen Fulford - Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Hi Christal,
Where does the time go? Hope all is well with you, your family and the business.
Your cages have been a godsend to the Stratford Animal Control facility. I know I have said it before but I wanted to say it again. They are spectacular! They have made such a huge difference!
The portability of the cages has been so great especially during adoption events as the cats are able to be rolled outside where they get fresh air, sunshine and better exposure to potential adopters.
Thanks again for making such a great product and for being such wonderful people to do business with.
Margo Paquette - Stratford Animal Control
Stratford, CT -

I can't say thank you enough for you getting my special cage to me as soon as you girl is undergoing chemotherapy and must be isolated so this cage is great...............the height is absolutely perfect and the size is ideal for her.....................she can see her feline family but nobody can bother her while she is undergoing all of these treatments.
Jeane Camarena - Upland, CA
Chaucer British Cattery -

I just want to thank you. I bought a cage from you two years ago and I love it, it's fabulous! That's why I want another one!
Eileen O'Neill - Northampton, MA

We love the cages. They've just worked out so perfectly. Whenever we have adoption events, people come to look at the kittens and say, "I can't believe you have such wonderful cages!"
Leslie Neff - Hermosa Beach, CA
The Peter Zippi Fund for Animals -

I just want to tell you it's a wonderful cage, you make a wonderful product. I wish I'd gotten them years ago. If you ever need a reference, they can contact me. I would be glad to tell them how wonderful you are! Thank you for everything.
Candace Perkins - Jamestown, NC

Dear Christal,
The guys put the cage together and it is awesome looking....and huge. Those boys will have plenty of room whether they're together or have to be separated.
I want you to know the guy who put it together made the comment that it was extremely well made and would last forever. He complimented the construction and was very impressed. He should know....he can build a house from the ground up and knows about construction and quality. : - )
So I wanted you to know you received very high praise from another craftsman.
I can't tell you how pleased I am with the way it turned out. It was worth every penny! You do such great work!
Grace Reger - Rockledge, FL
Regalcoons Cattery -

I put it together, put a cat in it and said, "WOW, this is really nice!"
Bob Rohrbaugh - Dover, PA
WILD FX Toyger and Bengal Cats -

I appreciate your help on this so much - I look forward to doing more business with you in the future - thanks again!
Susan Speegle - Clermont, FL
Aaliyah Bengals and Sokokes -

Christal – We haven’t talked with you for a long while. The cat condo that we bought from you is absolutely wonderful. As a matter of fact, it is so-o-o wonderful that we’d like to order another.
Gigi Gould - Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption

Thanks so much for your help - I have a super cat and I know he will be spectacular showcased in your cage.
Susan Speegle - Clermont, FL
Aaliyah Bengals and Sokokes -

The cages really are gorgeous ... Thank you so much. You guys have been great.
David Alan Kolins, DVM - Huntington, NY

I LOVE the cages! They are beautiful, gorgeous, worth every penny! They're every bit of what I had imaged and hoped for.
Tell everybody "thank you thank you thank you!"
Christy Carroll - Rutherfordton, NC

Hi Christal,

Want to thank you for all your efforts in getting this latest cage created and shipped so quickly...and of course not being damaged is even more wonderful. I took a few picture (I am totally an amateur w/digital), thought you'd like to see the goods in use.
Hope you enjoy the photos.
Take care,
Kay & Mom Clifton and a bunch of Fine Felines

Received and assembled!! The hardest part was getting myself up off the floor from kneeling! lol!!
Bun is a little nervous, but I'm sure he will adjust. The minute I put the rug down on the bottom floor he started exploring. When I put him on the top floor he scrambled to the hole and then very, very cautiously down the ramp. He spent the night ... inside the new cage last night.
The size is so perfectly what I wanted for him!
The assembly was so easy, just like you said it would be.
Christine Tuttle - Richardson, TX

I am very pleased! Thank you so much for all of your help!
Thanks again! And feel free to use any photos on my site for your testimonial page.
Christina Kennedy - Canton, GA
Bahiya Bengals -

Kennedy1 Kennedy2 Kennedy3


Hi Christal:

As always, it is a great pleasure doing business with you. Take Care.

Val Proctor - Homestead, FL


Hi Chistal:
So it is good to go.
Love doing business with such lovely people. Life is grand, & could be even grander with more like you & your family!! LOL

NC Christy - Rutherfordton, NC

Hi Christal!
The cages are in and are wonderful!!!
Thanks so much,
Linda Bosnich  - Placerville, CA

Serrano Bengals & Savannahs

"I wanted to say the cages are beautiful!"
Tally Angle - Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hi Guys - I need another cage. Hope all is well with you. I never stop recommending you to anyone who buys kittens from me. Love your cages!!!! And the fact that a totally mechanically challenged goof like me can put them together, even alone, is the most fabulous recommendation I could ever give anyone.
>^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
Virginia King - Irmo, SC

Prancenpaws Himalayans -

Hi Christal,
Just wanted to let you know that we received O'Henry's new enclosure today, assembled it (extremely easily) and he is spending the night in it.
I showed him the shipping label with his picture on it (and the rush request); he was really impressed and requested that I thank you for your concern for his comfort.
Then I gave him his "little extra", showed him the cute note attached to it and he asked that I send you his deep appreciation for your kindness.
He looked so contented, all the volunteers left the shelter with a smile on their faces....
Claudia Brockhaus - St. Paul, MN
Feline Rescue, Inc. -

I absolutely LOVE the cage I just got! I really, really do! I want another one ...
Monique Danielle - Altamonte Springs, FL

Thanks again, so much, for the great customer service!
Kirsten VantWoud - Kennel Manager
Indianapolis Animal Care & Control - Indianapolis, IN

Hi Christal:
Just wanted you to know that I finished assembling my new cage(s) this afternoon ... and I am just SO impressed!! It was so easy to do ... every detail thought out by you and Jim ... and even the little stickers with the part label easily came off. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL WORK ... IT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!! Your cages are just simply ... awesome.
Gratefully yours,
Holly Webber & the kitties - Sacramento, CA
Foothill Felines Bengals/Savannahs

I just want to tell you how amazed I am at the construction of your cages. The way everything lines up and fits together. I’ve been an engineer for 30 years, and I can appreciate the effort that goes into the design and construction. They’re always perfect!
Bill Jones - Hacienda Heights, CA


Hi Christal and Jim,

WooHoo!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these cages! The ACO is thrilled, the Kennel Manager is thrilled, the kitties are thrilled! Did I say I love these cages?....I L....O....V....E.... THESE CAGES! :o)

Margo Paquette

Stratford Animal Control - Stratford, CT
Your enclosure is fantastic!  When the time comes for us to expand we will be calling your company!  I cannot thank you enough!  Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
Thank you from all the two and four legged "creatures" at ARF,
Animal Rescue Fund - Amelia, OH
Peggy Lyle - Founder/Owner
Sharon Browning - Operator
Megan Hubbell - Volunteer

Hey Christal,
Just a quick note because I just got in (9:30 p.m.) from the there at 10:30 this morning. Rachel and I put the cages together and they are TRULY WONDERFUL! They were easy to put together....REALLY....cause it was just me & Rachel and they were assembled and had cats in them in no time at all. The bulk of our day was spent trying to clean and move everything else in the room to try and make it worthy of your cages......but it was like trying to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear! But we are both VERY PLEASED!!... it was a very long but very satisfying day :o)
Margo Paquette
Stratford Animal Control - Stratford, CT

I meant to get back to you about the cage [s302 w/hamper top]. It's great, a perfect way to confine our incontinent cat when we're not around.
The cage was incredibly simple and straight-forward to assemble, and highly portable. We just had the inside of our house painted, and the cage was quick and easy to disassemble and reassemble, taking me all of 20 minutes to move from upstairs to downstairs, and then back again.
Anyway, just to repeat, the cage is great.
George Matiasz - San Francisco, CA

I always enjoy my conversations with you Christal. The Toygers are doing well - hence the need for another birthing cage. Let me know when you might be ready for one!
I am very much looking forward to another fantastic piece of equipment from you. I am very happy with all that I have - VERY HAPPY. You guys do great work that assures my cats safety and space while providing me with a cost effective enclosure solution.
Anthony Hutcherson - Port Tobacco, MD
Jungletrax Cattery -

Hi Christal,
Thanks for the first cage, it's great and worked perfect for the show.... I'll definitely be buying another show cage and some larger cages in the near future. The s600 is great.....I had tons of people inquiring about it at the show. My cats were confortable and happy in it and I appreciated it very much that you expedited my order, so I could have it in plenty of time for the show. I think you folks make a great product and you can count on me as a repeat customer and someone who will recommend your product!
Best regards,
Nial Thomson - Elizabethtown, NC
Kai Bengals Cattery -

I received the cage today and it is beautiful, great job to all of you!
Mark Nau - Dublin, CA

Dear Christal:
Just a short note to tell you how very pleased I am that I made the investment in my cat enclosure. The s551 came just in time for a litter of kittens that needed a way to be safely contained while they learned how to use a litter box. Using the whole spare bedroom for their "home and litter box" was just not working for us. :-) I leave the door open so their mom can come and go as she likes. I also opened up the whole in the "roof" so that she can jump up their when she wants to get away for some "me time". This enclosure works just great for all of them.
I liked this enclosure so much I just got off the phone with you and ordered another one. I found your enclosure was a way that I can provide my cats with a safe environment when I need to keep them somewhere when I am trying either to get someone pregnant or not let someone get pregnant. With the enclosure they have room to roam, a place for their litter box, and a place to jump up into for site seeing. I can also use the enclosure if someone gets sick and I need to quarantine them from the rest of my cats. I and my cats were really getting tired of using the spare bathroom.
Once again, thanks for all your guidance while assisting me in making the determination of what I needed so that I didn't buy something I didn't need. I feel very good about this investment.
Susan MacArthur - Elizabeth, CO
Pelaqita Persians -

Thank you so much, Christal. It was easy working with you!
Leah Osteen - Hurst, TX

Hi! I'm considering getting a new condo almost like the one I received in the summer last year. Want you to know that I am very pleased with the one I received from You......... It's magnificent and my cats and kittens just love it. Best regards
Lasse Mortensen - Copenhagen Denmark
ALOMI`s Himalayans

Hi Christal......., Just wanted you to know that the cages arrived just fine, and are already up and running...... look'in good too...... so all's well..... There's a new mom and babies in one.... right off the streets of a bad neighborhood..... I'm sure it's the most beautiful/comfortable space she's ever had...... I really like the solid walls and tops..... Well thank yo again for your wonderful product and all your consideration...... Until we meet again...... Yours truly....
RISE' Chontos - Elizabeth, PA
In Care of Cats, Inc. -

This is Natalie Naris from Boreal Cattery in Toronto, Canada. Thank you very much for the quick response. You and your staff went above and beyond our expectations in regard to taking our request and expediting the shipping. Our newly arrived kittens will be much more comfortable and benefit of a much safer environment to start their new lives. You will be first in mind when we need something else.
Natalie Naris - Toronto, Ontario
Boreal Cattery -

CD&E is a family business and they take the time to work with you in building your enclosure. Christal will take your order from detailed plans to a description of your idea over the phone. Our enclosure was an idea over the phone, and after discussion we all came up with a simple enclosure with a modification that fit our needs and is really quite spectacular. Packing and shipping is another family aspect, great pride is taken that the enclosure gets to you safely and on time. Guess the thing I most often ask when getting references on a company is would you do business with them again? Simply put, absolutely!
David Hall New Albany Floyd Co. Animal Control and Shelter - New Albany, IN

Hi, this Kim from SC, with the primates. I'm loving the w586 (6'x8'x6') I purchased earlier in the year. My 3 capuchins have room to act just like monkeys!!!!!!
Kim Garrett - Townville, SC

Hi Christal: As always you have come through for me, I really appreciate all your help with all of my orders. Thanks,
Omar Gonzalez - Maywood, NJ Briar-Mar Cattery -

Hi Christal, I wanted to thank you for getting the cages to me so quickly. They came just when you said they would and I got them assembled in time to move my cat in before her due date. I was singing your praises as I was assembling the cages and always marvel at how easy it is to put them together and how you unerringly manufacture them without glitches. Also, thank you so much for the note and picture - it was quite encouraging and heart warming during my time of trial. Thanks again for being so wonderful!
Lisa Ale - Fallbrook, CA Fairbanks Farms Abyssinians -

Hi Christal! I got it!!!! It is in the van and all ready for the trip. Thank you so so so much, thank the guys in the back too.... Well we are on the way! Will send pictures when we return.... [traveling with cats to her wedding!]
Colleen Martin - Plattekill, NY Unkamen Abyssinian and Somali Cats -

THANK YOU Christal … for Georgie's new "house". Ricky just loves his! Many thanks and have a great day!
Cheryl McDermott - Charlotte, NC

Hi Christal - Wow ... I am so appreciative! Thank you -- and thank your guys -- for the super fast work on my cages. You are truly incredible. (So are your cages, which is another reason we buy them!) Thank you, again and again. All the best,
Caroline Seefchak - Miramar, FL SeefCats -

Thank goodness for you and the perfect cage for confining one of the girls who is without a quiet safe place to have her kits when the time comes. You are terrific!!!!
Linda Krall - Verbank, NY Naturskat Cattery -

Cannot thank you enough for what you've done for solved some serious problems for me....its not just about a product, its about the fact that you cared about me enough to move mountains to get that big condo down to me in time, I don't know what would have happened here with it....... Seriously, in your heart, please believe that I think you went above and beyond being a business person and did a real good deed. It's not about money. You cared. And I thank you a lot for that. Hope to someday send you photos of all these cages helping the victims of the next earthquake or hurricane or tornado....not just an ex-breeder. I can't say enough good things about what you've done.
Cat Moody Storm Watch Maine Coons - Ocean View, DE

The cage came today and is wonderful. My kittens are happily playing in their new home. Thanks so much. I put it together myself - 68 years old and mechanically challenged!!!!! >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
Virginia King - Irmo, SC Prancenpaws -

Hi Christal--- Thanks for all the updates AND for getting the enclosure out to me a bit early! I've got 20 foster kittens right now, so the timing is perfect! Thanks again for your help,
Laurie Pilkington - El Cajon, CA

Hi Christal, I received the animal cage on Saturday. It was very easy to put together. I am so proud of that cage! I am happy that my critters have more room to roam and play. The cage is beautiful. I keep my skunks on the top level and the possums on the bottom level. The skunks were hiding when I took this photo. Thank you again! I will keep your website in my favorites in case I need to get another or add on to the one I have!
Becky Cooper - Walland, TN

We bought a CD&E cage about 5 years ago and have been entirely pleased with it. Now our caging needs have expanded (we have a small cattery), and so we are looking into the various Queen cages options … I can't tell you how simple it was to put up our current cage, and upkeep has not been a problem (ok, getting the humans to do it has been a problem, but the cage itself is very clean-able). Thanks,
Pat Summers - Washington, DC Emauge Cattery -

Hi Christal, Thank you … the cages are together awaiting the indications of birthing. The girls are going to love their new facilities. Samo loves his new big cage in the sunroom. Thanks again for making such a good product. I tell all the breeders about the cages. I hope that brings you some business.
Gloria Cummings - Vancouver, WA

Christal, Thanks, I love the new online features and of course I love your product. Just when I thought I had everything I needed, I'm back ordering yet again. You truly are the Cadillac of cages in my book!!
Elyse Lerner - Parker, CO Für Elyse Scottish Folds -

Hi Christal, The enclosure was in my carport when I got home today. I have just finished assembling it and went very well. I was pleased with the workmanship, all the connection points were aligned well making for an easy fit to assemble. The box arrived in good condition with just minimal wear from shipping. I like it a lot and am already considering another order.
Bob Rohrbaugh - Dover, PA WildFX Cats

Again, can't thank you enough for all of your, personally, and the wonderful product have made an impossible situation not only "possible" but manageable. I don't know what I've have done without you and the cages!!! I ADORE that big new cage, it's just perfect for the big males - the layout, the ease of assembly, the ease of saved me!
Cat Moody Storm Watch Maine Coons - Ocean View, DE


Christal, AMAZING! How on earth could (Jim) do the design and build it in just a few hours?? Wow. I REALLY appreciate, again, your fast service and dedication. Gee, it's a hanky moment.... :)
Lori Nunley - New Market, TN

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are! The quality of the materials and the construction ~ we couldn't be happier. It's just so perfect! Thank you so much.
Jan and Jim Rich - Marco Island, FL For the Love of Cats, Inc. -

You guys are great, thank you so very much for everything!
Peggy Thurston - Norman, OK Maple Leaf Ragdolls -

The cages are working great. I love the long part for my five week old babies. Will snap a shot one of these days for you to see!
Melinda Murray - North Bend, OR


Hi Christal! YAY! We are so excited. Thank you so so so much for all of your help. My best to you and your family,
Emily Reeder, Stella and Stampy - Lancaster, PA

Thanks, Christal! We will let you know when it arrives and will email you a picture when we have it up and installed. Thank you again for your wonderful service and great product!
Jan and Jim Rich - Marco Island, FL For the Love of Cats, Inc. -

You know we love our cage and get many compliments on it. If you would like to post the pictures on your website, feel free. Thanks for such an outstanding product.
David Hall - Director New Albany Floyd Co. Animal Control and Shelter

Love the cage! The cats liked it too … I truly enjoy your product and have recommended you to some of our friends.
Mark A Nau - Dublin, CA

I wanted to just share what a great experience I had with CDE cages (also known as Animal World). First, I had bought a used CDE cage from a friend about 5 years ago that worked out great for many years - easy to clean, roomy, lightweight and easy to move around. I had to take it down a few months ago when I started to show my house to potential buyers, but reassembled it yesterday so I can move it down to Delaware with me this weekend. After all the hard use that cage has had, I was really surprised to see that it is still so clean and in great shape. I need a second walk-in for the new house. I contacted CDE about a month ago and started talking about what kind of design would work out best. Chrystal could not have been more helpful with suggestions, sending me photos of layouts and making good points. I've been bothering her endlessly for a month now. I finally got into the new house last weekend and figured out exactly what space I had. I emailed Chrystal yesterday morning and said okay, now I know what I need, and I need it in a big giant hurry! The cats are moving on Monday and some of them will be in a bathroom until I get that second cage! What's the lead time - I know it can be as much as 2-3 weeks for production? Please answer me ASAP.... To my surprise and delight, I got a phone call from her last night - she got my email, put the design together (it's a custom cage), called the assembly guys, built the cage, packaged it for shipment, and was only calling me for the delivery address - the cage is being shipped today and I'll have it within one week. She did all that within four hours of my email, without even asking for my credit card information until last night, because she knew my situation and wanted to help. I think customer service like that is extraordinary, and wanted to share this experience with any of you who might be thinking of purchasing a cage. (and for any of you who are going "cages?", sometimes it's necessary. I have a cat with IBD who sprays when he has a bad episode and has to eat special food - he needs to be confined. I'm "inflicting" nine cats onto my mother and her brand new house for a few months. I don't want her so over-run with cats that it will cause her to regret or re-think being so generous as to invite me, so I need some "cat storage", particularly for when I'm traveling and will have a petsitter coming in. These are roomy, bright, airy and large walk-in cages that will keep the cats safe and comfortable, and the white carpets unsullied ... we hope!)
Cat Moody Storm Watch Maine Coons - Amityville, NY

… we love our cage and see our modifications we made.... the birds are out of reach, they love being up high, add a great sound to the lobby and the cats can not reach them ....but they get alot of exercise trying at first! Thanks on behalf of our cats for your product.
David Hall - Director New Albany Floyd Co. Animal Control and Shelter

Hi Christal, Natalie asked me send you an email regarding the order … The cage was perfect and we need one more just like the one you sent. Thank you for sending as quickly as you did. Thanks,
Susie Rabbit Rescue - Downey, CA

Thank you Christal! The cage looks beautiful …
Jan Mouer - Phoenix, AZ


Christal - We had our grand re-opening, but it was so crazy I was unable to take pictures! We had a great day with 11 adult cats and 5 kittens adopted. I have enclosed pictures of our small Cat Adoption Center (it's not fancy, but it is a great opportunity for our shelter cats). Everyone loves the cages - including the cats. They are so much nicer than what we had.
Thanks again,

Julie Bowen
Friends of the Jefferson Animal Shelter - Jefferson, LA

Cristal and Jim: My cages arrived yesterday - really quick! They are already up and ready to go. As usual, ya'll did a great job on them. They look great! Thanks again, and thanks for really stepping forward to be innovational, and working with me to design the floor for the stud's cage. A customer forever—
Karen Godwin - Baton Rouge, LA CZARCATZ Russian Blues -

You are the BEST!!!!! You just gave me a ton of new ideas...especially that extra isolation area at the end.... My gosh, when you say "personal service", you MEAN it! You may have just solved some major problems/headaches for me. Thanks so much...
Cat Moody Storm Watch Maine Coons - Amityville, NY

Dear Christal: Thank you for your prompt are to be commended … You are simply marvelous!!! Regards,
Norma Legg - Willits, CA

Love it!
Kim Jones (and Prairie Dogs) - Southaven, MS

We recently purchased the Triple Decker Queen Cage (#s553) and LOVE IT! The cats that now live in it love it too. We are interested in purchasing another … Thank you!! Sincerely,
Olivia Tri-Lakes Humane Society - Saranac Lake, NY

Thank you for all of your time and efforts!
Christina Kennedy - Lutz, FL

Thanks SO MUCH Christal!! You have been so very helpful!! We really appreciate the rush order...everything is coming together with our move, and it looks like the cage will arrive at the perfect time. Thanks again! ~
Laura Rogers City of Lynchburg, VA Parks & Recreation - Naturalist Program

02/01/06 @ 7:30 pm
Hi Christal, The cage arrived today, right on time. We assembled it and our queen is resting quietly now, waiting for her babies to come. I just wanted to thank you again for getting it to us so quickly and providing such a top quality cage. I know from this point on, all my cages will be coming from CD&E. Thanks again!!! Hugs, Carol
Carol & Stuart Jaquez - Hollister, CA AdorableDolls Ragdolls -

02/01/06 @ 9:00 am
Christal, WOW, you guys are amazing. I am so excited. Can't thank you enough for moving on this so quickly. You guys are the BEST!!! Thank you so much!! Hugs,
Carol Carol & Stuart Jaquez - Hollister, CA AdorableDolls Ragdolls -

You Are WONDERFUL!! I certainly appreciate all of your help and guidance! ~
Laura Rogers and "Max" (the opossum) City of Lynchburg, VA Parks & Recreation - Naturalist Program

I just wanted to let you know I received the cage and got it all put together. The critters love it!
Sharon Stamm - Ft. Pierce, FL

Emmerson1 Emmerson2 12/26/05
Hi Christal,
Well, the cage arrived on Wednesday and we had it set up by that evening (very easy to assemble by the way). The animals went in on Thursday and are very happy - I've never seen a rats bum bounce so much! It was an absolute joy watching the rats explore their new home, they were whizzing around everywhere, occasionally coming back to give me a grateful kiss. I have included photos (although good ones are hard to get when you have 3 very excited rats flying about!) I would just like to say how impressed I have been with your customer service and the speed at which you got the cage to me - it has been an absolute joy buying from you and I consider the expense well worth it when I see how happy my animals are! So from myself, my mum Sylvie, the rats (Jasper, Jake and Joel), and the guinea pigs (Sweetie, Caramel, Treacle, Rolo and Cookie) a great big THANK YOU, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all at CD&E. Take care,

Debbie Emmerson Danbury Chelmsford Essex England



Just wanted to tell you what a nice Christmas Kate had. Am enclosing a couple of photos. There's one dynamic we hadn't counted on and that's that she thinks this is totally hers and runs the other cats out. We're going to have to work on that … You hit a triple home run! Hope you had a good Christmas!

Susie and Dale Armstrong - Temecula, CA

Hello Christal, I wanted to thank you for the QUICK turn around on my new queen pen. I received it today, two days after being sent, in excellent condition. All packages were sent together AND it was such a breeze to put together! SO easy! And great quality of the products! I would highly recommend your products to friends. Have a great Holiday Season! Thanks again Christal! Best Wishes,
Bobbie Buenaflor Asianexotics Bengals

It's up!!! The palace was delivered about 3 p.m. and we set about putting it up. We need to finish all the shelving, but as you can imagine, the Diva (Kate) was the first one out! She loves it!! She was up on one of the shelves and just talking away (calling all the coyotes, probably). I love the Diva door knob pillow -- and one of the cats in particular is wearing us out with the wand. That was so thoughtful of you. Christal, we can't thank you enough for all you've done. I'm getting carpet tomorrow for the floor -=- we will send photos soon!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you....
Susie and Dale, Kate, Mocha and Barney

You have gone way beyond the call of duty here -- and it is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much for your diligence … I'm not kidding when I say Kate is parked by the window looking out and whining at the door (waiting for her enclosure). It will be so nice for her to get out and the weather is perfect! Thanks a million times over!
Susie Arnold - - Temecula, CA

"Ooooo it's fantastic, I'm so excited … And I'd just like to say that I'm amazed how quickly the cage was built, very impressive!!
Debbie Emmerson - Essex England

Hi Christal, The two cats have adjusted beautifully to the condo. During the day I leave the door open and the 17 year old cat will put herself in it to take a nap. Thanks!
Patricia Lynn - Mims, FL


Hi Christal!

Well we got the cage safe and sound and it's wonderful!! It took a while to get it together. The weather was so cold here the week it came that the fingers were not functioning all that well. But it's finally up and Rascal has so much room!! It's moved into and livable, but we are still working on the "comforts" of home for the "interior". He he. Once I get it all set up nice I'll send you some pics! Thanks again!

Deanna Gualtieri - Billerica, MA [6x12x10 Walk-in]

Thanks, Christal! Wow, what incredible service! Best Regards,
Susan Duke - Chapel Hill, NC

GarretSmith 10/25/05
Hello Christal,

Just wanted to say I'm really liking the cages I purchased from you guys, they are working out great! I like them so much I want to buy 2 more for my other lizards … [HE DID!]

Garrett Smith - Seattle, WA

Hi Christal: Got the cage today and boy what a beauty. Very easy to assemble. My neighbor and I put it up to the house tonight and will secure it on Thursday. The older cat -the one who got lost-is in there right now and he really loves it and was sleeping in it already. The other 2 cats are eagerly awaiting their turns. Thank you so much for a great product.
Julie Brumbaugh - Carnation, WA

Christal, Thank you so much, it's always a pleasure doing business with you.
Patti Riens - Sacramento, CA

Christal, The cage arrived at 5:45 pm today in excellent condition! We were absolutely delighted at how quickly and easily it went together! And it is so sturdy and pretty.... I couldn't be happier! Thanks for a great product and a wonderful shopping experience!
Lori Nunley (singing your praises to all within cyber- distance!)


Hi Christal,

We got the cage today and it is great. Rocky loves it. When I get some time I'll send you some pictures. Thanks again for all your help.

Lorenzo, Irene and Rocky

Christal, Thank you SO much for all your help. It's refreshing to find a company that can build anything the customer needs. I am very impressed with your/your company's service and upbeat attitude. You really seem to enjoy what you do, and I have truly enjoyed chatting with you.
Lori Nunley - New Market, TN

Dear Christal, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the beautiful cage you helped me design for my Maine coon cattery. You were most helpful and patient with me as I tried to decide exactly what I needed. Once it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put together. My husband and I were able to assemble it in about 20 minutes. I was very impressed with the quality of the material and how well made it is. Cleaning is a snap and I love that I can roll it from room to room. Thank you again for all your help and attention to detail that made this cage a great investment. I could not be more satisfied. Sincerely,
Grace Reger - Rockledge, FL 3295 Regalcoons -


Christal - I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the product - we call it the "Play Pen" - and the birman kittens we purchased from Sharon Lann are so great - they have really helped with the loss of our kitty we had for 16 years - not replaced - just different and fun!! Just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with the product and service!
Rosanne Dukowitz

Braasch 07/23/05

Dear Jim and Christal,
Here is a photo of one of the kittens from my Russian Blue cats. All of the cats and kittens really love your cages! Thanks again for all of your help. Take care.

Danielle Braasch - Arlington, WA EmeraldBlues Russian Blue Cattery

Dear Christal,

Today I received the cage. My son and I put it together. The instructions were great. It is awesome!!!!!!!!! It is the perfect size and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! I will take pictures and either e-mail them to you or send you a CD of the pictures. Thanks again!

Judy Toffel-Liccini, M.D.,F.A.A.P. - Ft. Myers, FL

thank you!!! especially being so patient with me! regards,
Barbara Bosco - Millville, NJ Castlegate Persians -

Hi Christal: I just LOVE your cages and think everyone should own one. Like I said before....Of all the "dog stuff" that I've purchased over the years....I believe that yours has been the most worth while. If my dogs have to be in a cage, I want the best product for them. Thank you and it has been fun talking to you. Regards,
Cheryl Costello - Placentia, CA Glenwood Pet Awnings

Bless you both ... Christal & Jim. There's an old Jewish saying that: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him YOUR plans" ... duh! Thank you guys again. You're wonderful and thoughtful and kind and we're grateful. The early shipping is such a bonus!!! We'll advertise for you the best we can. Warm regards,
Opal & Kay Clifton - Palm Harbor, FL

Hi Christal: Thank you so much for the speedy [response]. The new cages will arrive just in time and I cannot tell you how pleased I am. I also wanted to let you know that I have purchased several cages since you first started building them. My first set served me well and for some time. I liked the sleeker, new cages even better, so I had to upgrade my current set and as you know last summer purchased more cages from you. I love your product and I recommend them to everyone. Thanks again for your help in expediting my order.
Omar Gonzalez - Maywood, NJ Briar-Mar Persians -

I bought a cage from you a couple months ago and I just wanted to tell you much I love it. I could put it together myself (which was a boon) and it is so easy to clean. I use it all the time - the dogs love it! When I leave the door open they go in even when they don't have to. It's great - thank you!
Chris Wellman - Fountain, CO

Papo 06/04/05

Hi Christal, I wanted to thank you for your help in selecting my CD&E 3 level Queening cage. It has been perfect for my needs, both for my foundation Queen's first litter and also for temporarily isolating my first in-heat-spraying Queen! It has been a lifesaver!!! I find the cage well built and of a good size and design and very easy to keep clean! As I've added another Queen to my cattery, I may need another one in the near future... But, until then, here are a couple of pix of my new kittens (2) and thanks again for your help! :-)

Jean Papo - Belmont, CA Abytopia Abyssinians -

We put up the New Cage this weekend and it is a wonder. You have done an excellent job on the new design and material. It was so simple to set up, about 1/3 the time and effort as the old design was. Thank you so much and my Cats Jag & Indy say thanks also.
Janet Killen :) - Yorba Linda, CA

Thank you so much for everything! The directions were wonderful and everything was there. Little Baby Bows Torbey is in her cage and I assembled it just like in the picture ~ she's got plenty of room, she's got jumping and exercise space. It's a delight and I thank you again for your wonderful, wonderful service. I'll recommend you to everybody and will show this cage off to all my animal friends. Thanks a lot!
Beth McManus - Sag Harbor, NY

King Street 05/04/05
a belated note that the cages are absolutely wonderful!! It is so nice to have the old wooden, volunteer made and way too big and cumbersome cages, replaced by these beautiful cages. The cats love them too - and the volunteer group that does the cleaning every morning can't thank me enough! Thanks so much and hopefully we can get a donation from someone else (or I get another nice bonus that I can donate…) and get another stack of them. Best regards,
Gail Swift, Adoption Coordinator King Street Cats -

[Update: 07/10/05 They are wonderful! The cats are happier, and the volunteers who clean and feed etc. are really happy! I hope we can get another set some day...]

Hello CD&E, We are so very delighted with our cage! Got delivery on Friday just like you said. Alan had the box inside, opened and set up in about 15 minutes. So easy, what a nice clean assembly. Course he wasn't thinking about the door it had to go thru, so, take it apart and do it again in about 5 minutes. You do a wonderful job in designing the cages and we will for sure be ordering more in the very near future. Thanks again,
Sharon Fischer - Truckee, CA

Thank you so very much! … you have been wonderful to work with.
Susan Mauk - Escondido, CA

I love the new cage! It took me 30 minutes to clean both rather than the 90 minutes with the wood one. I don't know if the boys are happier, but I know it is easier for me to keep it clean! Thanks,
Barb Contrera - Rockville, MD Pundit Cattery -

Christal, I just finished setting up our cage [Model s555] and I have to tell you, this is a top quality enclosure. My wife and I are very happy. Thank you for your service.
Bob & Kathy Mihalko - Hillsboro, NH

I got my second cage from you in July 2004. My first one was a big condo that went to my cattery in Argentina in 1995. Thank you for making these wonderful lifetime cages … Thanks again for making a breeder's life easier!
Sandra Picchiello-Ventiera - Argentina /USA MYINGYAN GEMS BIRMANS -

… thank YOU for the great service and cages!!!!!
Laura Hunt - Fraser, MI


Great show cage! Thanks,

Winnie Harner - Sacramento, PA


We bought two large cages from you, for our cattery, last January 2004. We have been exceedingly pleased with them. They are roomy, easy to clean, and move easily on their wheels. We will be contacting you later this week with (another) order. [They did!]

Theresa Claud and John Crane - Rochester, NY Bengal Lair Cattery -

I look forward to receiving [the cage]. This is our second cage ... we are very impressed with the quality of our first cage we bought from you and we are growing, so I am sure I will place another order soon. Thanks! :)
Carly Kellogg - Maple Valley, WA

Christal, Jim and all at CD&E, Thanks so much!! The cats are so content in their new cages! We'll be looking into doing the shelter side very soon (April 2005 they did!)… Happy New Year!
Bobbi Meyer Catnap/From the Heart - LaGrange Park, IL

I want to thank you for the wonderful cage you constructed for my animals. On 01-05-03 Orange County suffered severe 90 mile per hour winds. Several massive trees were uprooted by the powerful winds, including two of my own 100-year old eucalyptus trees. Through all this chaos, my cage stood its ground. The excellent quality and craftsmanship of the cage astonishes everyone who sees it. It eases me to know how well protected my animals are from predators such as coyotes, which have been a problem lately in my neighborhood, and natural disasters such as the winds. It is truly an amazing structure! My family and my animals, which now enjoy sunbathing outside, are extremely grateful for this ingenious device. I would highly recommend any person with small animals to invest in a cage because it is one of the best investments I have ever made.
Joan L. - Santa Ana, CA [custom enclosure]

Thank you very much! We are very happy with our cage! We are already planning to buy another walk-in with you. [They did!]
Danielle Braasch - Arlington, WA

I LOVE my new cage. It is a wonderful home for my cats!
Susan Fairman - Daisey's Place Victoria, TX

I am just really tickled about this cage. I have waited a very long time to buy from you, and now I finally got one. I thank you for fixing me all up with this package, and being so quick about it. Your customer service is simply AMAZING! Always has been. I will be back for another cage, when I need it ... I am sure. thanks so much!
Stacy Firth :o) Peoria, AZ

The enclosures look great. Thank you for such a great job.

Milton Root - Moses Lake, WA [Custom RV Stackables]

The cages came this afternoon and not too soon (although I hate to take away from how quickly they got here because that was very impressive!) My Queen to be just got her beginners milk in and that means kittens will be born tonight! Whew, that's cutting close! But hey, better close than too late! It's been such a great experience dealing with you in business. I have to say that Jim showed great patience with me, and kindness ... not to mention understanding the urgency of my need for the new cages! Which helps more than you will ever know ... In my case particularly, that gift was a priceless find! We are converting all of our old cages to your style for so many obvious reasons I couldn't begin to list, but we will be back in contact again! And if anyone wants a referral for good cages to start up a cattery, you can count on us! Yes Christal, I am very happy! Well I guess I'm finished gushing over your product and your company ... although more could be said. Thanks guys! You really pulled a rabbit out of your hat on this one! Sincerely,
Barbara Reimer - East Valley, Arizona At's A Burm Cattery

Thank you so much for making such wonderful cages. I am a very satisfied customer!!
Lee Ann Carson - Apopka, FL

The cage arrived today, and it's gorgeous! Love the dutch door. Thanks much –
Ruth Bauer Olde Towne Pet Resort - Springfield, VA

I got the cage and love it.
Kayla Carol - Alpine, CA

Hi Christal! I've gotten my ordered cage today, it is so beautiful! Right now I have a litter of kittens who will just start to wander around this week. Their mom has to be locked up with them here and then, otherwise she would travel with them around the whole house. I do not cage my cats normally but this queen dos not give me another choice. I like very much the good work, the cage is worth its price. Best regards,
Petra Hublot - Bradenton, FL Dreamcatscattery -

The s600 arrived today. I just wanted to "drop" a quick email to let you know how much we appreciate the "quick" delivery and the wonderful show cage!!! It is so easy to assemble, and is constructed well. We love it! Anyway, can't thank you enough . . .
Viki and Bruce Safley - Bakersfield, CA Koppiekatz -

Hi Christal and Jim and all, Thank you so much for the incredible cat cage!! It is absolutely awesome!!! The cage is professionally made, fashioned to all my requests, simple to assemble, sturdy, and very beautiful! More importantly, my kitty cats LOVE it!! I have even noticed that my type-A personality, high-wired Aby cat is more calm with the increased access to the out of doors, wind and sunshine, and all the wonderful, worldly elements. Thank you again for the cage of my dreams!! Thanks again!
Sandra Kasting - Alameda, CA [Custom Walk-In]


… a paradise for "Sugar 'N Spice" (our three parakeets). We are enjoying the cage you built so much. They are having a great time. What a joy to watch them fly about and play with the many toys etc that all that room affords. One of their favorites is the long springy coil with pom poms on each end (it would have taken up all the room in their previous cage) - how they love that! Many, many thanks again. Regards,

Carol and Steve Bilebof, Sugar 'N Spice - Northfield, NJ

Thank you, the cages are beautiful and very easy to assemble!
Karen Noble - Vista, CA

I received my queen cage over a month ago and meant to write sooner to tell you that I LOVE it! What a wonderful cage, sturdy, easy to clean, roomy, easy to move. Some day I hope to order another cage from you. [She did!] Thank you,
Constance Carroll - Longmont, Colorado Consuelo Cats - Eqyptian Maus

Dear Jim, Christal, and all your workers! My most sincere thanks to all of you for your prompt and professional response to fulfilling my order. I could immediately sense your genuine pride, and rightfully so, in the workmanship of your pens. Thanks again,
Sera Shevtchuk - Mercerville, NJ Serafinaz Persians

We received the cage yesterday. My husband had to work late last night and much to my surprise, he put it together at about 2:00 in the morning so when I woke up, it was assembled. My cat seems to like it already - I had to coax him out of it tonight! I like the design, it's not obtrusive, and my husband said it was easy to assemble (he did it almost in the dark and it took 15 minutes). I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who inquires. It's a top-notch product and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely,
Linda Siudmak - Roseland, NJ


Just wanted to send you a thank you note for the pen we ordered. It turned out better than we expected! The workmanship and finish are great! Thank You...Thank You...Thank You. One thank-you from each one of "our little girls."

Gary Brown, Moorpark, CA



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