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GALLERY: Standard Cages

CD&E's standard cages and enclosures are grouped into categories to help you identify the style of what you have in mind.  You can visit those groupings for detailed information by starting at the STANDARD CAGES OVERVIEW or going directly to the category heading for the style you want.  But everyone likes a good short cut!  Whether you need a single unit for travel, or a multi-unit bank, or a Walk-in, this is the place to see all of CD&E's standard models in one view.

You tell us what you want, and that's what we'll build for you!

Quick Tip
Click on any photo for a larger view. If you have a photo open, use the NEXT and PREV buttons to scroll through the photos.

Model s301 Model s302 Model s303 Model s401 Model s402 Models s501a Model s501b Model s505 Model s510 Model s515 Model s515f Model s520 Model s520f Model s540 Model s540f Model s543 Model s543f Model s550 Model s551 Model s553 Model s553t Model s554 Model s554w Model s555 Model s555t Model s559 Model s600 Model s601 Model s602 Model w520 Model w540 Model w54 Model w545 Model w566 Model w585 Model w586 Model s301 Model s302 Model s303 Model s555 Model s555t Model s559 Model a805 Model a850 Model a860 Model a870 Model a880 Model a890 Custom Cage Manufacturer Picture