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Of Interest to Shelters & Humane Societies...

Every day 32,000 dogs and cats are placed in animal shelters - that's over 11 million animals a year. Add birds, small animals, reptiles and other pets and the annual number grows by millions. Over 25% of the dogs in shelters are pure bred; the rest are equally, if not more lovable, mixed breeds - affectionately referred to as "mutts"./


Individuals and families rely on animal shelters to provide a vast selection of dogs and cats in all colors, shapes and sizes for adoption. However, despite the tireless efforts of the caring professionals at animal shelters throughout the country, only one-half of the animals at shelters are adopted in any given year. Adoptions between individuals make up the remainder of animal exchanges in the US. For information of shelters around the country you may find the following link helpful:

In trying to help shelters both contain and display animals for potential adoption, CD&E Enterprises works closely with agencies to find the type of enclosures best suited for their particular needs. Our goal is to help local animal shelters and humane organizations improve the way they operate by offering spacious, open-air enclosures to improve the animal environment, and at the same time, reduce the over-all workload with enclosures that are easily cleanable on a daily basis, and easily disassembled for more intense cleaning.

Although many of our standard enclosures are perfectly suited for many situations, below are some specific examples that may help spark ideas for your particular situation.


Banks of cages make the most use of a specific area or space.

Pictured at left is a bank of three 6'x4'x4' units each having its own door.

Pictured on the right
is a 6'x6'x30" bank of nine units on casters.


Similar setup below but made up of individual (stackable) units...