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CD&E Enterprises


Cats, dogs & Everything!

A veterinarian is our pet's second-best friend. When selecting a veterinarian, clients will often evaluate the entire veterinary facility, asking themselves, "Is the facility clean, comfortable, and well-organized? Are dog and cat cages in separate areas? etc."

At CD&E Enterprises, we have tried to address multiple areas of need in the containment of small animals. You will find our enclosures to be very versatile in that vertical dividers can be put in place or removed to expand or reduce areas of containment. Our enclosures are made of high quality materials that will not rust or corrode. Our enclosures are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble (for periodic heavy cleaning). Our enclosures are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Easy-to-Clean - Our enclosures are made of either 1" square anodized aluminum or PVC framework. The aluminum frame is long-lasting and the clear anodized coating provides an extra layer of protection and allows for easy cleaning. The PVC frame is a furniture-grade plastic which is also easy to clean. High density ABS plastic (with an acrylic finish) is used for floors and shelving so as to resist dirt and allow for easy cleaning. It is also UV light resistant which means it will not turn yellow or get brittle over time. And our PVC-coated wire mesh seals every crack and crevice in the wire to help keep cages clean and not allow a foothold for bacteria and dirt.


Durable - Our enclosures are lightweight yet tough enough to support virtually all small pets. Enclosures with floors have specially-made aluminum bracing beneath to support weight up to 50 lbs. For larger animals, additional bracing can be installed.

Elevated Design
- All enclosures we make can be placed on a stand to keep pets off the ground and away from excessive cold, heat, moisture and pests. It also reduces the need to "stoop" low or sit on the floor to get to an animal.