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Buying an Animal Cage for Dummies



CD&E:  What kind of animal are you housing?

YOU:   "Cat!"

CD&E:  Anything CD&E makes is suitable for cats! You decide the size and configuration that will work best for you. Start with the Standard Cages Overview and go from there!

YOU:   "Dog!"

CD&E:  If you are looking for spacious enclosures or something for larger breeds, take a look specifically at the Dens and Kennels. These are constructed exclusively with anodized aluminum frames. Don't overlook cages standard with PVC construction though ~ any cage can be ordered with an aluminum frame. Have a dog that chews everything? We recommended the galvanized wire. If you've got a "Dogzilla", check out the option to add Extra Wire Clips, specifically targeted to cage eaters! The Single Unit section will have additional cages suitable for smaller dogs.

YOU:   "Monkey!"

CD&E:  Capuchins, marmosets, lemurs, spider monkeys, and more ~ you have lots of standard models from which to choose! Single Unit cages come in a variety of sizes and are standard with a floor. If you want something larger, but don't need a floor, one of the Walk-in enclosures might be what you need.

YOU:   "Rabbit!"

CD&E:  Bunnies don't require a lot of height and some of the smaller Single Unit cages are perfectly suited for bunnies, particularly the s402 with Hamper Top. If your bunny chews, consider the galvanized wire instead of the PVC coated wire. For older or infirm rabbits, add optional Ramps to access shelves. Use bedding or shavings? The Tray Floor option or Litter Guards will help keep all that inside!

YOU:   "Ferret!"

CD&E:  Ferrets are active and need room to romp and play but since they can climb, it doesn't have to be horizontal space. Consider one of the Single Unit cages and add extra Shelves and Ramps. Are they messy? Take a look at the Tray Floor option and Litter Guards.

CD&E:  How many animals are you housing?

YOU:   "Just one!"

CD&E:  You'll find cages for a single animal in a wide variety of sizes! Try starting with the Single Unit, Dens and Kennels and the Walk-in categories. For multi-level housing, take a look at the 2-Level Cages and add the optional Access Hole in the middle floor (like having a 2-story house!)

YOU:   "Two.” “Three.” “Four.”

CD&E:  If you're housing compatible animals, visit the Single Unit Cages, 2-Level Cages (with the optional Access Hole in the middle floor), and Walk-in enclosures.

If they're not compatible, explore the Stackable Units, 2-Level Cages, 3-Level Cages, and the Multi-level Cage Banks.

YOU:   "It’s raining cats and dogs!"

CD&E:  You should probably look at the Multi-level Cage Banks. Keep in mind any model is expandable ~ add as many units as you need to any model to create your own 'cage bank'!

...and if it really IS raining cats and dogs, be sure not to step into a "poodle...."

CD&E:  Will you be using your cage or enclosure inside or outside?

YOU:   "Inside."
CD&E:  Any model can be used inside!

If you want a cage with a floor, take a look at these pages: Single Unit, Stackable Units, 2-Level Cages, 3-Level Cages, or the Multi-level Cage Banks.

If you don't need a floor, you might want a Walk-in Enclosure. Or any model can be ordered without a floor.

YOU:   "Outside.”

CD&E:  Any model can be used outside! All of the materials used in the construction of CD&E cages and enclosures have been specifically selected for their quality and durability, so you can safely use any model outdoors.

Walk-in Enclosures come in a wide range of sizes and are especially suitable for outdoor housing. Chose a standard model or design your own!

YOU:   "But can I use my building as part of the enclosure?"

CD&E:  You sure can! Any model can be ordered without a back panel or side panel so you can use your building as the fourth 'side'. Align any cage or enclosure with a building window or pet door to allow indoor/outside access.

YOU:   "But is there a way to have indoor/outside access if my enclosure can't be up against the building?"

CD&E:  Absolutely! If you have an available window or pet door, but the enclosure can't be positioned directly against your building, you can order a Tunnel or Catwalk to provide access.

CD&E:  Do you need more flexibility so you can reconfigure your cage whenever you want?

YOU: "Yes!"

CD&E:  If your population fluctuates, or the number of animals you need to house changes from time to time, CD&E has a number of features that will ensure you always have a way to rearrange the space!

All of the Multi-level Cage Banks are models with side by side units that have removable vertical dividers.

Each of those models as well as the 2-Level Cages and 3-Level Cages offer several floor options to allow access between levels: Access Holes, Trap Doors, Recessed Litter Pans. In addition, the middle floor(s) can be removed to change a multi-level cage into a large open enclosure.

CD&E:  Want some hints on how to get started?

YOU: "Of course!"

CD&E:  Try starting with the Standard Cages Overview. From there you can see how the standard models are grouped into categories, get a brief description, and quickly see representative models for that style category.

If you want to see all the standard models in a quick glance, go to the Standard Cages Photo Gallery.

And if you just want to see the possibilities, take a look at the Custom Cages Photo Gallery!