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OVERVIEW: Standard Cages and Enclosures

CD&E’s standard cages and enclosures are grouped into categories to help you identify the style of the cage you have in mind and narrow down the model that suits your needs.  Whether it’s a single unit model, a multi-level cage, or a Walk-in enclosure, chances are you’ll find it here!  Find the model you want then take a look at the wide range of OPTIONS available to make that model exactly what you need.

What works for what YOU need?!

Want to see all of CD&E's standard models in one view? Visit the STANDARD CAGES GALLERY!
Quick Tip

Click on the category buttons below to get a brief description and see a representative sample of the cages or enclosures in that grouping. From there click the arrow button to continue to the category.

Left ArrowClick on one of the categories on the left for a brief description...

Single Unit Cages Stackable Cage Collage 2-Level Cages Collage 3-Level Cage Collage Multi-level Cage Collage Walk-in Cage Collage Travel and Show Cage Collage Dens and Kennels Collage Custom Cage Manufacturer Picture